Good News

You Never Forget Your First(s)…

Flashback to 2006-2007 when I closed the door on my corporate relocation firm and opened the door to life as a professional writer. I also was pregnant with Jackson at the time. I “gave birth” to so much! Apparently, “pregnancy brain” worked to my advantage! 
Hashtag: WINNING!

In 13 years, I’ve lived through and learned so much about myself and my craft. This photo reminds me of a few things I’d like to pass on to you…

1 – If you were badass at least once in your life, you are badass forever! Tap into your magic and shine bright like a diamond!

2 – Trust your gut. Your gut knows you better than anyone else. It will NEVER steer you wrong.

3 – Ask the questions you think are stupid. 9 times out of 10, they’re not.

4 – Most of the rules you are following are actually the fears of others being projected onto you. Loopholes are your friends. Find them.

5 – If you think your idea is crazy then you should absolutely go for it! 

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