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Creative Adulting, Disrupt Aging and Mastering Menopause at WisePause Lifestyle ATL

If you’ve followed me for a while… a least in the last two years… you may have heard/seen me use the term “Creative Adulting.” I realized the concept of adulting being too hard is a choice. It’s only hard if I decide it is. So… I decided to get creative about living happy and healthy amidst the chaos and monkey wrenches life likes to throw at me. 
Part of my Creative Adulting practice is not letting this “aging” thing be too hard either. I’m doing all I can to “Disrupt Aging!”
I’m not afraid of getting older. I will turn 47 on October 27th and I welcome it with open arms. You’re as young as you feel, right? Well… my mind is somewhere between 25 and 30. (I still think the 90s was 10 years ago.) My body, on the other hand, keeps reminding me I’m not a kid anymore. I am (gulp) middle-aged.  
I was 43 when I started thinking about menopause. My mom and I had a strange and hilarious conversation about what was in store for me in the near future. Her motivation for bringing it up stemmed from a strange and hilarious conversation she had with a friend about not ever having these strange and hilarious conversations with anyone! Not even their doctors! They certainly didn’t talk about it with their mothers. For all they knew it was just something that was gonna happen and when it does you have hot flashes, you are extra moody, you can’t have babies anymore, and you are officially OLD. And according to Golden Girl, Sophia Petrillo, you also grow a beard.  
While the funny talks with my mom and other women in my family have been helpful, I still have questions. There’s a whole lot more to menopause than hot flashes, mood swings, and beards! Thanks to AARP’s #DisruptAging campaign and the WisePause Lifestyle Tour, what needs to “Change” about menopause is the narrative! 
The WisePause Lifestyle Tour made a stop in Atlanta last weekend and I was invited to attend.

WisePause is a one-day conference bringing together professionals and experts to address the many facets of menopause beyond the popular symptoms. Founder, Denise Pines, named the event “WisePause Lifestyle” because at this age, we are more wise than ever before. So many women are literally “getting a life” after their late 40s! Starting new chapters in our lives. Disrupting Aging! While we are living our lives to the fullest, we cannot ignore the changes our bodies are going through. One of the most incredible aspects of this conference is Ms. Denise pulls together professionals and experts from the host city. This way attendees have local resources to consult after the event.

WisePause brings together professional experts to share solutions to the symptoms that we women experience such as hot flashes, mood swings, foggy brains, belly fat, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, low libido, weight gain, and bone loss. These are symptoms that we’re told are “normal” and to be “expected” with “getting older”. But THEY’RE NOT, and we’re here to help.

WisePause LifeStyle
While Menopause education is the central theme, I truly believe there is a much greater purpose to WisePause. That purpose is to EMPOWER. To not be dismissed at home, at work, and in doctors offices as “just going through the change.” To stick up for ourselves and demand answers and the best care. To be confident, beautiful, and sexy at any age… because it ain’t over til it’s over, baby! To feel good and live our golden years like we’re golden! 

Yes, we are aging... but we are definitely not stupid!

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed WisePause. 
The day was comprised mostly of panel discussions and single speakers but the fun really began at lunch. During the lunch break, the speakers sat at round tables and basically had small group chats about their expertise. We were all able to ask personal questions and get advise right there on the spot! Again, Ms Denise set this up with local professionals so if our questions didn’t get answered that day, we know who we can contact later!
One minute we were speakers and attendees… the next minute, we were a community… a sisterhood. 
Truth be told, it was information overload… but in a good way!

If I ran down everything I learned and the 9 pages of notes I took… (Yes, NINE! Not even exaggerating here) this post would be way longer than it already is. After taking the better part of a week and letting the knowledge and my notes soak in, I am able to sum up what I learned as this…

  • Managing menopause is about mastering your hormones. How do you master your hormones? In a word… BALANCE. Your whole life needs to be in balance. Not perfect, just in balance. Your mind, your body, your spirit, your lifestyle all must be working with each other, not against. 
  • You need to educate yourself and the people around you and advocate for you own well-being. 
  • Your healthcare providers should be your PARTNERS, not dictators. Listen to your body, then make them listen to you! They should be talking with you, not at you. If they want to dismiss you as “getting old,” get a new doctor! 
  • There are 30-45 symptoms associated with menopause. Therefore your menopause is not your mother’s or your best friend’s or anyone else’s menopause… it’s YOURS and you must address it in the best way that works for you. 
  • Menopause, like adulting, only sucks if you decide it does. It will definitely suck less if you are open to different, creative ways to heal and cope. 
So far, the WisePause Lifestyle Tour is only in Los Angeles and Atlanta but I’m really hoping it expands to other cities. I found myself wanting to text all of my friends of a certain age saying “When this event comes you your city YOU MUST ATTEND!” You can consider this post an advanced heads-up! 
As of today, I don’t feel like I’m “pausing” just yet. I am growing a beard so, I could be on the verge. What I am is educated and empowered for whatever and whenever “change” comes my way! 

This post is made possible with support from AARP’s Disrupt Aging. All opinions are my own.

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