Good News

Tell Yourself YES!

This photo is precisely why I champion creators (read: everyone) to relentlessly pursue what sets our souls on fire!

10 months ago, I responded to a request for screenwriters. “I need good storytellers,” the producer said. I had no official screenwriting experience but I am one helluva storyteller and y’all know what a television and film junkie I am!

I’ll admit, I hesitated to respond… worried about my lack of credentials, etc. But when the universe opens a door the size of an airplane hanger inviting me to walk into one of my dreams without passing “Go,” at my age, I’d be a fool to pass it up, right? All he could do is say no… but he just might say YES!

This photo proof of the YES!

Since this “Yes,” there have more yeses. I’m writing more scripts, I’m doing more voiceover work, and getting more opportunities to share my experience and expertise through creative coaching. I’m ready for more! (hint hint)

It’s more about ME saying YES to MYSELF than the yeses I’ve received from others.

If I don’t believe in me, who else will?

Full disclosure, there have been quite a few “No’s” along the way.
More no’s than yeses sometimes. I’m not going to pretend this is easy as clicking my heels three times.

It. Is. Not.

Even Dorothy had to figure it out the hard way. But just think… if she believed in her own potential as much as she wanted to get home, how much faster she would have reached her goal! This is what I marinate on.

Don’t wait for someone else’s “No.” Tell yourself YES!

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