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Remember Who You Are

Because it feels I’ve gotten so far away from it, I often have to remind myself I am an author!

A published author… with not one, but TWO books bearing my name.
The second, “A Book Is Born,” is the brain-child of my publisher. In 2007, she charged me and 23 other female authors with writing what would serve as a “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” for writing and publishing your first book. It is like giving birth, after all. The good… the bad… the ugly… the awesome… And it is a labor of love.

It’s interesting how so much of my work centers around helping writers with their novels, short stories, memoirs, screenplays, etc. A mentor… a midwife… Funny how things come full-circle.

Or maybe it’s just my purpose nudging me… reminding me that it’s been here all along.