Commit to the Craft,  Good News

Project: HAIKU

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with haikus.

As luck would have it, this obsession is perfectly timed with a colossal creative slump. The way out of it is through the haiku!

I am a writer so I am always writing whether or not a pen or keyboard is present. I narrate everything I experience… because every experience is a story opportunity. This is how I practice creative thinking and how I strengthen my creative muscles when they’ve gone a little soft.

Now, instead of narrating, I haiku… everything.

The thing about me and haikus… I’m not all that good at it. But I’m having fun trying despite counting syllables driving me absolutely nuts!
I’ve recently shared a few of my attempts at haiku-ing in my IG Stories.

I’ve also started “Project: HAIKU,” a new series on Medium that will be updated as I go. If you’d like to follow my progress, click HERE.