Good News

Narrated by Christie Glascoe

You already know I put my gab to good use with written words… Some of you may also know that I put it to good use with my voice as well.

I can feel you nodding remembering podcasts, webinars, and being a conference speaker. But I’ve done a fair share of voiceover work as well. Mostly for ads and training/tutorial videos… stuff that wouldn’t normally mention my name.

This morning, I got a message from a producer I recently worked with that the audiobook I narrated for author, Jasmine Womack, is complete and out for all the world to see… and hear! I’m used to seeing “by Christie Glascoe” on things I’ve written. “Narrated by Christie Glascoe” has a completely different feel.

Click HERE to see Simple Prayers and hear a sample of my handy work!

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