Good News

I’m Teaching on Skillshare

For years I’ve wanted to merge my former coaching practice and my passion for creative writing into online courses but had trouble finding the right platform… and to be honest, the courage. Until I discovered Skillshare.

Skillshare is an online learning platform with thousands of classes in just about any subject you can think of as well as an amazing and supportive community.

Words and Pictures Class on Skillshare

I just published my first class and I’m SO excited!

WORDS + PICTURES is the first class in my “Kick the Cobwebs” creative writing series I’m developing on Skillshare. While these classes involve creative exploration and expression through writing, they are for ALL CREATORS at any stage of your practice from professional to “just curious” and are designed to combat creative blocks by using all five senses (and more) to discover ideas and inspiration.

I’m proud of what I’ve created, and I’d really appreciate your help in making it a success. Here’s how…

The First 10 People Can Take My Class For Free!

Click HERE to join Skillshare with a Basic Membership (always free) and get access to my entire Words + Pictures class for FREE! Please note… You will have full access to THIS class only! You will be able to browse Skillshare and take their free classes but you will NOT have access to any other premium classes. This offer is limited to the first 10 people to click the link and it will expire on May 31, 2019… so hurry!

or you can…

Join Skillshare Premium + Take My Class

Click HERE to join Skillshare and get
TWO MONTHS of Premium Membership FREE!

Not only will you have FULL ACCESS to ALL of my classes, but you’ll also gain full access to everything Skillshare has to offer. Of course, you can cancel after the free trial, but I believe after taking a complete test drive of the platform, you may decide to keep it. Trust me… I came to Skillshare as a student and I’m still a student.

Share My Class With Others

I understand you may not be into creative writing, but I’m pretty sure you know some folks who are. Please feel free to forward this message to your friends!

Leave a Positive Review

If you (or your friends) take my class, please leave a positive review and be sure to follow my teacher profile to get notifications when new classes are published. Your support will help my class trend on Skillshare which increases the likelihood of new students discovering it and future classes I plan to offer.

I look forward to seeing you in the classroom!