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You Need a Creative Champion!

You've got a story in you...

A book, a painting, a script, a movie, a podcast, something you want to share with the world… but you’re just having trouble getting started… or trouble getting it finished. Maybe it’s “creator’s block” or maybe it’s something different keeping you from committing to your craft and making your dreams come true.

More than a coach... I am your Champion! 

You need someone who will nurture and support you as the creator as well as your craft.

As your creative champion, I not only provide encouragement  to help you complete your projects, but also creative strategies, guidance, and accountability.

We will work through the blocks to your progress and create a plan to help you stay motivated, inspired, and focused to give life to your life’s work.

Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly One-on-One Sessions to Fit Your Schedule and Budget.

Customized Coaching + Editing Packages

Working through the personal blocks to your progress as well as working through creative and structural aspects of your project. This package includes a comprehensive developmental evaluation of your project and a 60 or 90-day customized program with support and strategies to keep you focused in order to finish. 

Helping you turn your speeches, courses, articles and other content into a book that can accompany your speaking engagements and be a resource for your clients/business. The same services as “Manuscript Mentoring” and will go beyond stringing pieces of content together. 

What sets your soul on fire? I’ll create a customized personal plan to help you discover and unapologetically pursue it!

D. PerrinSocial Media Strategist | Author
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"Christie is a very inspiring, creative and motivational coach. She not only gives great advice but she helps you think out-of-the-box. After working closely with Christie on a very personal base I am very pleased with my results towards my non-fiction book. I look forward to working with Christie again in the near future and would highly recommend her to everyone. Christie not only shared her expertise with me, she actually took my ambition to a higher level."
T. DickherberMotivational Speaker | Author
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"Christie is a passionate coach who helped me to find the courage to begin writing e-books and e-courses. She was able to help me see what my road blocks were as well as my writer's blocks."
C. AllenTechnical Writer
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"Christie is a dynamic and upbeat professional who focuses on presenting alternative perspectives to her clients of ways to assist them in achieving their goals. She commits her time and energy in an effort to improve the lives of her clients."