Creative Collaboration

Collaborative Writing + Support Services

ACTORS/DIRECTORS: Need some original content for your reel?

Let's work together to create original monologues, short scripts, or other materials for your promotional reels.

Ghostwriting | Co-Writing

Taking your ideas, drafts, notes, outlines, napkins, cave drawings, etc. and work with you to turn them into your desired content masterpieces!


An ideal addition to your “writers room” or creative team as a story creator/contributor and screenwriter for your feature, short or series.

Developmental Review + Evaluation

Objective and critical review of your content. Provide feedback about the project’s appeal to the intended audience. Examine the “big picture” and overall structure to advise what works and what could be better. Provide a comprehensive report and suggestions for solutions and possible edits to consider.

Editing + ReWrites

Reviewing for typos, missing words, repeated words, spacing, and formatting consistency. Correcting grammatical and formatting errors, returning a clean, polished product for your use. Refining the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences and smooth-transitioning paragraphs.



Non-Fiction | Self-Help
Speeches | Monologues

Television and Web Series

Features | Shorts

Corporate Training Videos

Book Adaptations

Creator Bios

Pitch Materials

… and More

Manuscript Mentoring + More

60 and 90-day customized packages that include developmental review/evaluation, creative coaching, and editing

Speaking + Voice Talent

Putting my gift of gab to good use by lending my personality and my voice to live events and pre-recorded content. I’ve facilitated seminars/webinars, lead break-out sessions, and moderated panel discussions at dozens of social media and/or business conferences. I hosted a successful weekly live internet radio show as well as guest appearances on other podcasts. I’ve created voice-over and video content to promote events, product launches, and/or reviews as well as documentary and audiobook narrations.

Event Hosting/Keynote Speaking
Session Facilitator 
Panel Moderator 
Audiobook Narration 
… and more 

A. AllenMotivational Speaker | Author
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"I am in the final staging of writing my memoir and wanted to get an extra set of eyes. This was money well spent, thorough review and great suggestions of what needs to happen next. I am grateful for this information and it gives me confidence to know I will have a great product to release. Thank you!"
L. BraxtonArtist | Speaker | Marketing Consultant
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“Christie is a master when it comes to engaging storytelling. Everything she writes draws the reader in and makes you think about what you just read. She is the type of project leader you want on your team when it comes to getting things done. Christie is a big picture thinker and sees the overall vision for a project which helps her craft effecting and engaging copy for her clients. You will not find a person who has higher standards for excellence."
G. DayeFilmmaker
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“Christie Glascoe is the utmost professional. She is reliable and dependable. Her talents are far too many to name. She goes above and beyond in her duties while keeping a fun atmosphere. She is genuine and passionate when it comes to helping others achieve their goals. I have enjoyed working with her as much as enjoying the actual work she does. Highly recommended”
A. Papay
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"Christie is an absolute blast to work with. She has a real passion for what she does and she loves promoting others and their valuable efforts. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Christie and would highly recommend her to anyone!"
K. WilliamsTeacher
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"Christie uses her gift of gab to build awareness of issues that are important to women, to uplift them, and promote their businesses. She not only gives you food for thought, but also feeds your soul. In addition to being a wonderful speaker, she is a phenomenal writer, life coach, and social networking connoisseur. "