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Clarity Through the Chaos: “Creative Adulting” During Quarantine

“Well… This all seems… horrible” ~Bruce Banner

To say things have changed would be the understatement of the millennium! I mean… are we in the Twilight Zone or what? I thought I’d better check in with everyone…

How are you doing through all of this?

Me? Well… As someone who’s worked from home for the past two decades, I didn’t think my “new normal” would be too difficult of an adjustment. Having everyone at home all the time isn’t the hard part. Thank God I gave birth to two geniuses who are very comfortable homeschooling themselves. Being teenagers, social distancing from me and their grandmother was already a “thing” long before Quarantine. Our biggest challenges, so far, are chore and computer use rotations. Mind you, we are a little less than 2 weeks in. There could be a plot twist coming.

Creative Adulting has a whole new meaning…

You may remember I adopted a philosophy I affectionately call “Creative Adulting.” It’s the daily practice of living a productive/responsible life while actively pursuing what sets my soul on fire. For the past 6 months, getting out and connecting with other creative souls has been giving me all kinds of life. I was hard at work on some in-person Spring and Summer writing workshops only to have them all shut down 3 weeks after they launched! I was fine being a voluntary introvert… I don’t like being bullied into it!

It’s safe to say, we’re all doing a lot of things differently these days. While I’m no stranger to work-from-home life or the isolation that comes from being a professional writer, but… as the kids say… This hits different! I can’t even begin to imagine how different this hits for those whose lives have been completely upended by these new circumstances.

Adulting just got really hard, really fast! And yet, my primary directive is determined to remain: “Adulting doesn’t have to be so hard… we’ve just got to be creative!”

Clarity through the chaos…

Since we’ve been thrown into quarantine, I’ve talked to many people about how they’re dealing with it. I’m learning we all are struggling to embrace this new normal, yet at the same time, we realize the times we’re in might be a new opportunity for self-discovery and growth.

Journaling has always been my way through the weeds.

Clarity through the chaos comes from creative expression. I’m not talking about writing a best seller… I mean just a big fat brain dump into a private and safe space for me to vent or just calmly muse about whatever is on my mind. I always come out the other end of every entry better than when I went in. And I almost always learn something new about myself. If you’ve done it before, then you already know how cleansing it can be. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you try it.

“Creative Adulting in Quarantine”

If you’d like to add some purposeful (and fun) journaling to your existing practice OR you’d like to start journaling, I’ve created a unique and entertaining FREE program to help us keep our sanity, express ourselves creatively, and “adult” not so hard in these strange and uncertain times. If you’d like to join, click HERE and feel free to pass it along to your friends. 🙂

21-Day Journal Program to Creatively Cope During Quarantine

Be sure you’re following me on Instagram. I’ll be posting program updates (and possibly going LIVE to talk about it, too).

It was nice to check in with you, and let me know how you’re doing? We’ve got to stick together and check on our friends now more than ever!

Until next time… Stay safe and healthy!