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2018 Reflections: UNSTOPPABLE

My 2018 Word of the Year was UNSTOPPABLE.

I didn’t choose this word… it chose me.
It revealed itself during a conversation with a good friend.
I commissioned her to make the sign in the photo.
From that moment on, I pushed through everything like a freight train.

I allowed myself to have fear and doubts but one thing I did not allow myself to do was STOP.
No matter what, keep going.
Don’t give in… don’t give up. It worked.
And I’m still rollin… 

I haven’t settled on a word for 2019 yet.

I have a few ideas in mind.
I’m sure “unstoppable” will carry over. Actually, I’d like it to.
I’m not in a rush to pick a word.
I’m thinking it will simply come to me when both of us are ready.

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