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2018 Reflections: (re)Discovering My Worth

As we approach 2019, I thought I’d share some of my reflections on 2018.

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This year, I (re)discovered my worth… on multiple levels, but particularly my professional worth.
For the first time in years, I saw just how much of my creativity, expertise, and time I’ve given away for pennies… or less.
If they whined about the fee, I simply reduced it…but not the scope of services.
I didn’t believe in my own value so why would anyone else?
There was no mistake… my kindness was weakness.
Apparently, clients can smell self-doubt like dogs and bees can smell fear.

2018 is the first year I had the courage to declare my professional worth by setting my price, asking for it, and being fully prepared to walk away if the answer was no.
Imagine my astonishment when the answer was “YES.”
More than once.
All along… It was that simple.

While I am in pursuit of what sets my soul on fire, bills still have to be paid and it’s SO much easier when I’m being paid properly for the work I do.
For 2019 and beyond, I’m never again settling for less!

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