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2018 Reflections: Living Truth

More Reflections on 2018…

As you read in my previous post, I got “real” with myself professionally.
I had to do the same on a personal level as well.
I had to be honest with myself about how I was “living.”
I wasn’t.
I was existing… barely surviving… until I stopped and asked myself “why?”
I spent the bulk of this year answering this question… exploring every aspect of my life… parenting, friendships, family relationships, spirituality, core values… EVERYTHING.

Oh what a bittersweet day it is when you discover your truth.

The bitter… all the “wolf tickets” I’ve bought and sold for decades.
The sweet… ground zero, a clean slate, a blank page.

In 2018, I started to “live.”
In 2019, I want to THRIVE!

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