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A 21-day interactive journaling program to help us creatively cope amidst the chaos!

Working with creators as a supportive second pair of eyes, an active contributor, and a creative accountability partner to help bring amazing stories to life. The goal is to always make your work be the best reflection of you!

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Hi, I'm ChatterBox Christie...

{christie glascoe}

I’m an Atlanta-based  author, editor, screenwriter, creative coach, and professional life-lesson-learner trying to make adulting fun while putting my gift of gab to good use.

With nearly two decades of experience in wrestling words into willful submission, I use my passion for creativity and storytelling to champion creators to pursue what sets our souls on fire.


Latest News

Clarity Through the Chaos: “Creative Adulting” During Quarantine

It’s safe to say, we’re all doing a lot of things differently these days. While I’m no stranger to work-from-home life or the isolation that comes from being a professional writer, but… as the kids say… This hits different! Adulting just got really hard, really fast! And yet, my primary directive is determined to remain: “Adulting doesn’t have to be so hard… we’ve just got to be creative!”

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Polish Your Pitch Workshop at RoleCall Theater

My friends at RoleCall and Screenplay South and I are teaming up to offer a great workshop for screenwriters and filmmakers who are preparing for the next FilmPitch ATL or any other opportunity to present your film or television projects to producers or investors.

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Project: HAIKU

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with haikus. As luck would have it, this obsession is perfectly timed with a colossal creative slump. The way out of it is through the haiku!

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Remember Who You Are

Because it feels I’ve gotten so far away from it, I often have to remind myself I am an author! A published author with not one, but TWO books…

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