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When “Yes” Is a Four-Letter Word

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Why are we so afraid of hearing yes?

I was pitching a potential client for a freelance writing assignment and just before I hit send, I froze. I panicked. I thought to myself… “What if she says yes?” It makes no sense… and perfect sense all at the same time.

“No” is easy. It is the norm for those of us used to rejection. “No” gives us something to talk (complain) about. “No” is an “I told you so.”

“Yes” is hard. “Yes” requires action and follow through. “Yes” is putting your money where your mouth is… and your oxygen mask on first.

“No” is comfortable. “No”- mans-land is a heavily populated place. And misery loves company.

“Yes” sometimes means you’re at it alone… or your only companion is Faith.

It’s hard to turn a “No” into a “Yes” after you said it. First you must say “Yes” to yourself. Only then will any “No’s” you hear be stepping stones and not roadblocks. Constantly telling yourself “No” before anyone else does is like walking around in cement sneakers.

It’s ridiculous how we fear success more than failure… That we choose ordinary over awesome. Why? Because 50% is not strong enough odds?

This is when a “Yes” becomes a “Know.”

Keep telling yourself “No” and you’ll never know that saying “Yes” could be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. If it isn’t, then you’ll know better. And knowing is half the battle.

How many times has ignorance really been bliss?
How many times has the phrase “what if” burned a hole in your soul?

How long are you going to watch life happen?
(and by “you” I really mean “me”)

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