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The Perfect Timing for a Failure to Launch

Are you obsessed with “perfect timing?”

While you probably wouldn’t classify it that way, it’s a good chance you are. Especially if you’re a blogger, writer, and/or entrepreneur. (ahem… me)  It’s kind of an “accidentally-on-purpose” thing…  

You’ve got this idea… a post… a crowdfunding campaign… a book… a project… a new direction or division for your business… You’re so excited that you just cannot wait to bring it to the masses… Except…
It’s Wednesday and you really should post something of this nature on a Monday.
It’s really eco-friendly so you should wait and debut on Earth Day.
It’s a “30 Day Challenge” so it makes more sense to start it on the first of the month…and only if the first is on a Monday, of course.

Sound familiar?

I am oh so guilty of this!
This is the most clever and creative form of procrastination I’ve ever experienced! Why? Because, for me, between cultivating the idea and the perfect moment to reveal it is… TIME.
Time for the passion to fade.
Time for something else to take its place.
Time for other technological advances to emerge.
Time for someone else to have (and act on) the idea.
Time wasted.
Classic conditions to yield a failure to launch.

Sounding even more familiar, right?

So what are you sitting on right now… right this very minute… that really doesn’t require perfect timing but you’re delaying the release anyway? If you’re ready now, why are you waiting? Will it be worth the wait?

Just for kicks, I challenge all of us to step outside our comfort zones…
Post on a Thursday.
Start a 30 Day Challenge on the 23rd of the month.
Bring your cause awareness into every month!

The perfect time… is NOW!

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