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The Bodyguard: A Movie-to-Musical Masterpiece

I must admit, my expectations for this production were extremely low. Plus most people know that I am a self-proclaimed “Broadway Snob.”

After the torturous debacle known as Ghost-The Musical, my faith in successful adaptations of movies-to-musicals was pretty much obliterated. I made a sweeping generalization that going forward, it’s just a bad idea… and people should just stop doing it.

Then here comes The Bodyguard

Okay… so… The Bodyguard was a movie with a lot of music, but that alone does not a good musical make. Okay… so… Whitney Houston was in it… still wasn’t a “musical.” Kevin Costner? How are they gonna…

See… yeah… (shakes head) this is not a good idea. Even with the amazingly talented Deborah Cox in Whitney’s role, I can’t see this being a “big hit.” Granted, I’m convinced that nothing will be as awful as Ghost… however, my hopes were far from high. My side-eye was on fleek… poised and ready to throw at this show like Chinese stars!

Boy… was I so very very WRONG!

I can barely put into words how incredible this show is! Well, that’s not entirely true… I’m a writer… I can put it into words!


With subtle, yet necessary, alterations to the movie story and strategic placement of original songs to become musical dialogue, The Bodyguard made itself worthy of the Broadway stage. Not only that, it also managed to be a huge tribute to Whitney Houston. If you are a Whitney-fan in any way, this show will get you all in your feelings.

Can we talk about Ms. Cox for a minute?

She KILLED IT! Deborah Cox was absolutely PHENOMENAL! She channeled Whitney to the point of sounding just like her! Her singing voice AND her speaking voice! And still managed to make the role and the songs her own! To say I was completely blown away by her performance, would be a gross underestimation.

The rest of the cast… a perfect compliment. Hats off to the set designer for squeezing feature film locations to fit the small stage. Everything about this show is just awesome!

If you are in the Atlanta area, The Bodyguard – The Musical is at The Fabulous Fox Theatre through Sunday, April 2nd, so you need to hurry and get your tickets NOW. Please note that Deborah Cox is NOT performing in the Saturday matinee. (boooooo)

I am sad to know that this show is only in select U.S. cities… and the list is short. If it is coming to a stage near you, I highly recommend you lay your eyes and ears on it. You won’t regret it!

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