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June 12, 2017

GPB Gives Us “A Seat at the Table” and It’s About Time!

This is not “The View” or “The Real” or anything close. This is DIFFERENT! This is BETTER! You can’t get this level of authenticity on any other show! These three BEAUTIFUL women break it down so it will forever be broke!

Looking For Coffee, Fearing Walkers, and Finding District 12 in Atlanta

One of the cool things about living in Atlanta is knowing that many major motion pictures and television shows are…

December 4, 2015

Confessions of a Broadway Snob: My Thoughts on NBC’s The Wiz Live

My love for Broadway musicals┬ábegan when I was introduced to The Wiz at the tender age of 3 years old.…

October 11, 2015

My Memorable Moments From 5 Seasons of The Walking Dead

Featured on Let me start off by saying that these moments are (in my personal opinion) the most pivotal,…

September 30, 2013

Bingeworthy Breaking Bad

  Unless you’ve been under a rock over the past week and weekend, you’ve heard that the greatest show on…