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GPB Gives Us “A Seat at the Table” and It’s About Time!

IMG_3618Last week, I had the pleasure of going behind the scenes of the new Georgia Public Broadcasting talk show “A Seat at the Table.” This is a phenomenal show! I may be slightly biased because my dear friend and sister of the pen Denene Millner is one of the hosts, but it truly is what we have been missing in the media. Strong black female voices telling our stories AND your stories from our perspective. This is not “The View” or “The Real” or anything close. This is DIFFERENT! This is BETTER! You can’t get this level of authenticity on any other show! These three BEAUTIFUL women break it down so it will forever be broke!! If anything, just tune in to see the legendary Ms. Monica Pearson in a way you have NEVER seen her before! She is Bae! I love her so much!

If you are in Atlanta or anywhere else in Georgia, please watch this show on June 18th at 6:30 pm on GPB. If you’re not in GA, you can watch it online… because: streaming and because we want this to go NATIONAL!



Looking For Coffee, Fearing Walkers, and Finding District 12 in Atlanta

One of the cool things about living in Atlanta is knowing that many major motion pictures and television shows are filmed here. There’s always a chance that you’ll stumble upon places where your favorites are shot.  One day I went hunting for a new coffee spot and (hopefully) a new WriteSpace and ended up on an unforgettable adventure!

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