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I #DoEpicShit on Medium

Did you know I write on Medium?

Well if you didn’t, now you do! It’s one of my favorite places to write AND read! If you’ve never experienced this platform, you are missing out on some amazing storytelling!

Medium recently rolled out a new feature on their mobile app called SERIES which has opened up a new and exciting way for me to share my writing. It’s like Instagram Stories and a Blog had a baby that doesn’t disappear in 24hrs and I’m able to add to the story… like chapters in a book or episodes in a “series” (get it)

I’m excited to share my first (of many) series with you, DO EPIC SHIT! You must have the Medium app to read it.  If you like it, CLAP (you’ll see what I mean) and share it with your friends!  If you really like it,  subscribe to the series so you will know when I add the next installments!

Christie’s DO EPIC SHIT on Medium

Here’s more of my work on Medium: ChatterBox Christie on Medium

Music and Storytelling with Hip Hop Legend, Professor DaddyO

IMG_9987Moments like these are truly priceless…

I had the most amazing morning vibing on music and storytelling with my dear friend Professor Daddy-O (Glenn Bolton) of Stetsasonic fame. I feel so blessed that I can call a true living legend of hip hop my friend. I’m so glad I decided to Periscope our conversation!

See it here:

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