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“The Journey” of My Single Serving Life Begins Today

At long last “The Journey” of My Single Serving Life (in other words, the blog) is finally LIVE!

No better day to launch than my 44th birthday, right? At long last, you will get to read my tales from Costa Rica and Nicaragua as well as my other adventures in travel, food, love, and life!
I’ve only got a few posts up so far, but you know there’s more where that came from.
This Journey will be more random than chronological but in either case, it will be enlightening as it entertains… as usual.


My Single Serving Life: The Story

“You want to get to the castle… you gotta swim the moat…”

If you want to understand what that means as well as how I reached the point of wanting to live “My Single Serving Life,” you gotta read The Story.” (and it will only take you 3-5 minutes to read)

The official launch is right around the corner… but I thought I’d give you some background first! Go to

Travel, food, love, life… and writing my truth one adventure after another…

Life After Delete


To destroy in order to create. Clearing land of trees. Demolishing a structure to build a new one… a better one.

It’s what starting over is all about. You can’t have a fresh start when there is dirt still swept under the rug. The slate isn’t clean until it has been erased.

This action cannot be undone.

I’ve been pressing “cancel” for too long. Pressing cancel means not moving forward… not embracing the need for change.   Continue reading

Trust… And other things I learned hanging by a thread…


A few months ago I decided to try a new yoga practice… Unnata Aerial Yoga.

What is aerial yoga?
In a nutshell… at least in my opinion… it is where yoga and strength training meet in mid air.
It is a combination of mat yoga and yoga using the support of silk/nylon hammocks hanging from the ceiling.

Beyond the fact that it just looked so effin’ cool, I decided to try aerial yoga because I thought it would be easier than regular mat yoga.
I saw a segment on Good Morning America and they showed how using the the hammock with poses that would normally have me teetering, kept the person steady while also deepening the stretch.
Add to that the swinging and the relaxation hangs… I was sold…
And sold myself a big fat wolf ticket!

It is fun… but it is far from easy.

In addition to being a fascinating full-body workout that uses a lot of your own body weight, it is a rigorous mental workout as well.
It is an advanced course in focus, discipline, presence… and trust.

Having a successful yoga practice depends on your ability to have complete and total focus on your breath and your body.
You must be one hundred percent present from first cleansing inhale to the last namaste.
You must be aware of every single inch of your body and what it is doing from the hair follicles on your head to your toe nails.
Aerial yoga adds trust to those elements.

It’s easy to trust myself on the mat.
I’m a former gymnast and dancer, and while I haven’t done either in decades, balance and stretching is still somewhat second nature.
I think that’s also why the idea flipping around and swinging in the air didn’t initially frighten me…
Until it was time to lift off the mat and into the air.

The suspended fabric hangs before me.
My disappointing weight gain stares at me from the mirror.
Vita, my beautiful instructor, tells me to bunch the fabric so it is as narrow as possible, place it in an awkward place under my bottom, and lean back.
If you saw where she told me to put the fabric, you would have had the same thought I had in that moment… “If I lean back, I will fall.”
Actually, I said it out loud.
Actually, I said “If I lean back, my fat ass is gonna fall.”
“No you won’t.” Vita says.
“Are you sure?”
Vita gives me the “Dude, I’ve been doing this for a long time. No you are not gonna fall” face.
I give her the “Dude, you are a model-thin yoga instructor… do the math!” face.

Vita comes to my side and helps me get the fabric into the proper position.
It is awkward as hell. The fabric position, that is… I was grateful for the help.
She gently rubs my back and says “Trust yourself, Christie. Trust your body. Breathe. Lean back. You will not fall.”

Funny thing… I heard “You will not fail.”

I took a deep breath…
Focused all of my attention on my body…
Whispered to myself “I trust you. I will not fall.”
I leaned back and flipped myself into the first part of my first inverted pose.
Still not fully sure how I did it, or really how someone figured out that this would actually work… and hold someone… but who cares… I effin’ did it!
“Now,” Vita says… “Let go.”

Breathe… Focus… Trust… Let go…


I always feel refreshed and renewed when I finish my yoga.
Aerial yoga offered a sense of clarity that I never expected.
A greater awareness of how much I need to trust myself… my abilities… my strength…
I am obviously stronger physically and mentally than I give myself credit for.
To trust is to believe… and vice versa.

Oh and the best part of aerial yoga?
The “nap” at the end.
Namaste 🙂

I Make Poverty Look Good

When discussing the events of our lives, a good friend will joke with me by saying “You make poverty look good.”
I’ve often been referred to as a “baller.” O_o
I guess to the untrained eye, my writer/blogger lifestyle seems slightly lavish.
I’ve been working for myself for more than an decade…
I seem to always be somewhere cool, doing something amazing with awesome people…
My pictures and posts are covered with branded hashtags…
I’m “featured” on this…
I’m “speaking” on that…
To hear some of my friends describe what they think is my life makes me sound like a Kardashian!
I am here to tell you that I am at the extreme opposite of that spectrum.

I’ve often wondered how they can come to the conclusion that I am so well-off… especially since I display no physical evidence of the extravagance they assume exists.
Today’s entry in Simple Abundance gave me an answer…

“Poverty is always experienced in the soul before it’s felt in the pocket book.”

I’m no stranger to financial struggle… but I never let it take up residency in my soul.
I am nowhere close to where I thought I would be in this stage of my life, yet I am still grateful for where I am, who I am, and what I have right now.
I am grateful for the opportunity to improve and evolve with each new day.

Don’t get it twisted… I have my moments when there isn’t a paycheck in sight, I am stressed over bills, and frustrated when the already over-stretched budget can’t accomodate extra treats or outings for my kids.
I just breathe and say… As with all horrible storms, this too shall pass.
While I wait, I make the most of what we have…
We always have an endless supply of love and laughter…
My well of faith and patience with life never runs dry…
These are things all the money in the world will never buy.
Apparently, this inner wealth has found a way to show on the outside.

Overall, my circumstances could be better… and I’m working on that… very hard…
As for now, I’m living a good life… and the good doesn’t cost a thing.

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