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December 20, 2017

Rainy Days and Red Lines

Rainy days… red lines… choosing to see the beauty in both and being grateful for every aspect of it.

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November 1, 2017

Creative Challenges Beyond #NaNoWriMo for November

Ah, blessed November, you have arrived! And with you come the annual challenges to our creativity!  My friends at Permission to…

“My Single Serving Life” is featured on

Guess what? My Single Serving Life story is featured on the Wanderful website! Wanderful is an awesome community of women…

November 22, 2016

365 Days to Self-Acceptance and a Beautiful You

One of my missions on this journey is to always start the day with a serving of something good for…

“The Journey” of My Single Serving Life Begins Today

At long last “The Journey” of My Single Serving Life (in other words, the blog) is finally LIVE! No better…

Coming Soon… My Single Serving Life: A Live Memoir

The book “Eat Pray Love” gave me the inspiration… The movie “Fight Club” gave it a name… Speaking at BlogHer…