Hamming It Up at Cochon555 Atlanta

Scenes from Sunday’s awesome Cochon555 event at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead.

Cochon555 is “the epic culinary tasting and friendly competition for a cause featuring 5 top chefs (and their farm-raised pigs), 5 barkeeps, 5 sommeliers, and more!

Full disclosure, it was impossible to take good photos while trying to take in everything as there was SO much to take in so I apologize in advance. This is why I need my own personal cameraman!

Coffee is the Elixir of Life

Caffeine aside… it’s all about COFFEE! As part of my tagline suggests… I am heavily caffeinated. A certifiable java junkie. My blood type is coffee. It is essential to my existence… I need it to survive. It is the elixir of life. A word to the wise… do not attempt …