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“The Journey” of My Single Serving Life Begins Today

At long last “The Journey” of My Single Serving Life (in other words, the blog) is finally LIVE!

No better day to launch than my 44th birthday, right? At long last, you will get to read my tales from Costa Rica and Nicaragua as well as my other adventures in travel, food, love, and life!
I’ve only got a few posts up so far, but you know there’s more where that came from.
This Journey will be more random than chronological but in either case, it will be enlightening as it entertains… as usual.


My Single Serving Life: The Story

“You want to get to the castle… you gotta swim the moat…”

If you want to understand what that means as well as how I reached the point of wanting to live “My Single Serving Life,” you gotta read The Story.” (and it will only take you 3-5 minutes to read)

The official launch is right around the corner… but I thought I’d give you some background first! Go to

Travel, food, love, life… and writing my truth one adventure after another…

Coming Soon… My Single Serving Life: A Live Memoir

The book “Eat Pray Love” gave me the inspiration… The movie “Fight Club” gave it a name… Speaking at BlogHer and my trip to Costa Rica gave me the courage to make this four-year long dream a reality.

It’s not a blog… it’s a live memoir. More than that, it’s an adventure… and I’m inviting you to ride shotgun.

Are you coming?

Great! Go to to be personally notified when it officially goes live!

Coffee is the Elixir of Life

Caffeine aside… it’s all about COFFEE!

As part of my tagline suggests… I am heavily caffeinated. A certifiable java junkie. My blood type is coffee. It is essential to my existence… I need it to survive. It is the elixir of life.

A word to the wise… do not attempt to communicate with me until I’ve at least had a sip of my daily cup of joe. I’m not a fully functional human being until then. Additionally, I must have said sip prior to 10:00 am or a being closely resembling the Hulk will take over my normally charming personality. Consider yourself warned.

One might suggest that it is an addiction to caffeine that I have and it is why my craving for coffee is so strong. Perhaps… to an extent… but it is more than that…

One tragic morning, I was out of coffee and had to get my caffeine fix from another source. It initially did the trick… but there was something missing. In that moment I realized… caffeine aside, it is 100% about the coffee!

For me, coffee is a ritual. The intoxicating aroma wafting through the house as it brews. The painstakingly strategic mug selection based on my current mood… or the mood I want to have. The feeling that the day can officially begin after consumption. The sips with solitude on a weekend morning. Savoring that little bit of “me time” as it slips down my throat like sand through an hourglass.

Superman is still Superman with our without the red and blue suit… but it is all about the suit. Caffeine is caffeine with or without coffee… but it’s all about the coffee. Caffeine is the talisman that keeps the devil at bay. Getting it in the form of coffee determines if the devil will be of the “blue dress” or “Tasmanian” variety.

Yes… this jones for java is on a fanatical level of seriousness. And I am not the least bit ashamed to admit it. See my further findings on coffee being the elixir of life in my Mode story below…

Check out Why Coffee is the Elixir of Life

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