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July 5, 2017

When A Flash of Brilliance Comes, Let it Shine!

I truly believe I was meant to find this book today. I needed to be reminded of the fiery creative spirit that still resides within me, to never stop dreaming, and to trust my crazy ideas. When the flash of brilliance comes, I need to let it shine!

Hitting A Wall On The Road To Self-Care

I’m 70-ish days into my 100 Days of Creative Self-Care and around the 60-day mark, I kind of hit a…

I’m a Little Bit of a Big Deal on Medium

Today, I am 30 days into my “100 Days of Creative Self-Care! You may remember that part of my plan…

100 Days of Creative Self-Care in Effect!

With Venus firmly planted in retrograde and Mercury hot on her heels, this is the perfect time to (re)start a…

Alisha Sommer-Liberated Lines
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January 23, 2016

Free My Creative Soul with Liberated Lines

In my ongoing quest for balance and reclaiming my creative spirit, I’ve found another means of self-expression. As you know…

January 13, 2016

The Self Portrait Experience: A Sense of Self(ie)

  Getting a Hold of Your Self(ie) I am so pleased to be participating in the movement that is The…