When A Flash of Brilliance Comes, Let it Shine!

It’s amazing what you find when you are looking for something else!

I found these notebooks today. For each one, I gave its own title to match the contents. This one made me smile. “Flashes of Brilliance” is a phrase coined by my dear sister friend, Lorraine back in our hey-days as The BlogRollers. That’s what she called my creative ideas that would seem to hit me like a lightning bolt and I would have a visible physical reaction. She’d look at me and say “Uh oh… you just got a flash of brilliance, didn’t you!” Or when we would brainstorm, she’d say “We could use one of your flashes of brilliance right now!” 

I remember when I got this set of notebooks and decided to dedicate one to be ready to capture flashes when they happened. I remember the day I started writing in it… October 2010, seated next to Lorraine on our flight to Miami for the Blogalicious conference.

So many awesome concepts fill these pages. Some we actually did. Some we pitched but never knocked out of the park. Some never left these pages because they were just too ahead of their time.

I truly believe I was meant to find this book today. I needed to be reminded of the fiery creative spirit that still resides within me, to never stop dreaming, and to trust my crazy ideas. When the flash of brilliance comes, I need to let it shine!

Hitting A Wall On The Road To Self-Care

I’m 70-ish days into my 100 Days of Creative Self-Care and around the 60-day mark, I kind of hit a wall. That wall was the realization that creatively and professionally, I am going about things all wrong. I am that proverbial square peg trying to stuff herself into the round hole of everyone’s comfort zone… including my own. Apparently, I used to be round and fit just fine when I was doing what I thought I was “supposed to” do.

Once again, not serving myself first in my supposed “single-serving life.”

So I am here… sitting on a Starbucks patio and praying it doesn’t rain while I (re)discover and (re)define how I will use my creative powers for good!

I’m a Little Bit of a Big Deal on Medium

Today, I am 30 days into my “100 Days of Creative Self-Care!

You may remember that part of my plan for this project was to write and submit my writing fearlessly. I’m happy to say that within this first trimester, I am already reaping the rewards. In addition to writing something every day (whether I publish it or not), I have been consistently writing on Medium and mustered up the courage to submit a few stories to popular publications.  I am now a “Top Writer” on Medium in the “This Happened to Me” category.   Continue reading “I’m a Little Bit of a Big Deal on Medium”

100 Days of Creative Self-Care in Effect!

With Venus firmly planted in retrograde and Mercury hot on her heels, this is the perfect time to (re)start a creative habit. I’ve allowed external forces to lure me off of my chosen path and hold my creativity hostage for far too long. Fellow creative soul, Denise Jacobs, has inspired me to begin the “100 Days of Creative Self-Care” project.

What is it?
Exactly what the name implies.

When does it start?
Whenever I want to begin… and that’s today.

What do I have to do?
Whatever I choose that will reconnect me to my creative spirit, nurture my mental and physical health, and make me write fearlessly.

It is, in essence, a challenge. But I don’t want to call it that. I’ve come to learn that the word “challenge” is not a motivator for me. I’m not highly competitive so it has the opposite effect. Instead, I will call it a practice. That’s what it is, after all.

A creative practice… starting with 100 days… continuing for life.  See my updates on Instagram and My Single Serving Life.

Free My Creative Soul with Liberated Lines

Alisha Sommer-Liberated Lines

static1.squarespaceIn my ongoing quest for balance and reclaiming my creative spirit, I’ve found another means of self-expression. As you know I am participating in The Self Portrait Experience. This new movement will take that to another level…

Introducing LIBERATED LINES… a quick and dirty Instagram-based poetry and prose course.

Liberated Lines
is a “daily practice” writing course created by Alisha and Robin, two beautiful, creative souls that I follow on Instagram.   This is normally a paid offering, but for one week only (January 25-31), they are inviting us to join in for FREE!

Liberated Lines: AMPLIFY!

For one week, through daily prompts responded to through our words and photos on Instagram, “we will gather together to start a liberated lines tradition. Not of newness and re-creation but of amplification, magnification, expansion. We will allow our most inherent truths to guide the way we swell into being. Honoring the pieces that already are. Allowing ourselves to flourish. This is about claiming your year in a slightly different way. We will seek all the truth that already is and let our own song crescendo with conviction. Come dig into what is. Liberate yourself from needing to be something new. Be what you are. Amplified.

There’s still time to join in! Are you with me? Click HERE!