Free My Creative Soul with Liberated Lines

In my ongoing quest for balance and reclaiming my creative spirit, I’ve found another means of self-expression. As you know I am participating in The Self Portrait Experience. This new movement will take that to another level… Introducing LIBERATED LINES… a quick and dirty Instagram-based poetry and prose course. Liberated Lines …

The Self Portrait Experience: A Sense of Self(ie)



Getting a Hold of Your Self(ie)

FullSizeRender 2I am so pleased to be participating in the movement that is The Self Portrait Experience!  Created and facilitated by my dear friend, Lucrecer Braxton, this project is a journey to (and through) self-expression, self-acceptance, and self-love by way of The Selfie.

Two years ago… nearly to the day… I heard a story on the news about the pros and cons of the selfie phenomenon and it got me to thinking about me and my-self(ie) and prompted me to write about it.  Like to hear it (again)?  Here it go… Continue reading