• Wallflowering

    Good Morning, Baywood

    Even when the sun is high, this is still my favorite spot. The back porch of the Baywood house overlooking the tee of the golf course’s hole 1. I sit here and sip my coffee… reading… writing… reflecting… to the soundtrack of birds and bugs until the hum of golf carts cuts in like breaking news. The occupants commanding an audience. I am not a fan of golf. I don’t even pretend to be. Yet watching these folks is fascinating.

  • Commit to the Craft,  Wallflowering

    The Perks of Wallflowering

    This has become one of the ways I honor my creative spirit and commit to my craft. It also has opened me to explore different avenues of creative expression. To not confine myself to just one way of storytelling. Sharing is optional and will come later… if at all… and when it does, the form it takes might surprise you.

  • Creative Adulting

    In Pursuit of What Sets My Soul on Fire

    I am many things. I have many interests. Obsessions. Passions. Passing thoughts and curiosities. And the overwhelming urge to express myself creatively. While I have made a pseudo-career out of some form of creative expression, I recently came to the conclusion that I was doing all of this for YOU, not for me.