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Hey Atlanta! Blogalicious is BACK!

My favorite conference is back in Atlanta!

I’m so excited to attend #Blogalicious8! (I can’t believe this is the 8th year! Wow!)
Though I’m technically a “seasoned” blogger / social media professional and I’ve been a speaker at this conference before, this year will be a new experience for me. I feel like I’m starting over with the launch of My Single Serving Life so I am attending like a “newbie” who’s eager to learn and engage. I’ve been out of the “blogger hustle” game for a while and things certainly have changed, but I’m ready and I can’t wait to #DoEpicShit this weekend!

I’m Speaking at BlogHer16!

I am beyond THRILLED to announce that I will be speaking at this years,  BlogHer “Experts Among Us” Conference in Los Angeles!

To return to the conference that launched the BlogRollers and, by extension, my entire career as a blogger is so surreal.  To return as a speaker is… well… unreal!  I’m no stranger to speaking at blogger/social media conferences, but BlogHer has always been “the BIGGIE” for me.  Frankly, I never thought I’d ever speak there.  And definitely not now after such a long time “out of the game.”

Most of you may remember, I took some time off between 2012 and 2015 to assess what I really wanted (and needed) in this digital space. What I discovered was that “writing” is why I started blogging in the first place… and it’s what I wanted (and needed) to get back to.  Who knew that the folks at BlogHer would find this to be a suitable (and timely) Open Lab topic for their attendees.

BlogHer’s Open Labs are designed to give the attendees hands-on access to experts who’ll answer questions and help sharpen skills.  It’s different than a typical conference session.  No podium.  No panel. No formal presentation.  No lecture.  It’s more like a collaborative “workshop” with a discussion and an exchange of ideas.  Completely right up my alley!

I’m excited to lead my Open Lab “You’ve been blogging so long, you’ve forgotten how to write” at this conference! I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences as a writer and a blogger and managing the space between the two.  If you are attending the conference, I hope to see you there!

Blogging Without a Blog

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So… you kinda want to be a blogger…

Meaning you’d like to share your thoughts and stories in the digital space but you’re not much of a writer. Or maybe you are somewhat of a witty writer but the thought of the set-up and maintenance of an actual blog makes you cringe. Here are some ways you can still be an online storyteller without the hassle of “blogging.”

Making a case for Microblogging…

Microblogging is what we used to consider what “tweeting” is in the early days of social media. These days, we long to say more than what 140 characters will allow. Not all of us want to carry the burden of a regular blog. Microblogging makes it easy to not only quickly capture longer thoughts but spark conversations and more sharing that regular blogs.


If you actually want to blog… like write full on blog posts… but don’t want “a blog” to keep up with, look no further than I highly recommend it and, as you know, I write there as well. It is a haven for people who just want to write and for people who want to read good work. It’s like the “Reader’s Digest” or “The New Yorker” of the Internet. This platform is all about stories. If you’ve got good ones (any genre), tell them here.


The newest kid on the microblogging block is the mobile app Anchor. Anchor is an audio representation of your content. You basically talk in “waves” up to 2 minutes in length instead of writing posts. Your listeners can talk back to you (in 1-minute responses) which you can in turn reply to and before you know it, your content has become a conversation that can be shared out on Twitter and Facebook.


Mobile app, Periscope, is a video representation of your content. Think of it as you being a roving reporter broadcasting whatever you want to share live (unfiltered and uncensored) to a public audience. Viewers interact with you via comments and animated hearts… sort of like an “applause” when they like what they see. Scopes disappear in 24 hours but there are apps to save and share your videos.


They say a picture is worth 1000 words… which is precisely why Instagram is a perfect way to blog without blogging. A simple (or elaborate) caption (with appropriate and applicable hashtags) to an awesome photo can go a long way in telling a great story. The ultimate version of show and tell.

Google Plus

Yes, the red-headed stepchild of the social networking world is PERFECT for those who want to write, share, and exchange ideas but do not want a full-blown blog. And yes, it is still one of my favorite platforms. First off, it’s THE GOOGLE! Your content will be FOUND by anyone who does a search for what you’re talking about! With text markdown and no character limits, you can say as much or as little as you want and make it pretty too!

Content Curation

This method of microblogging is great for information junkies (like me)! Do you love to absorb the best of the Internets and wish to share your thoughts in more than 140 characters? Sites like, Pinterest, and Flipboard are exactly what you need to collect and categorize gems of content and add your prolific two-cents about them. A respected fountain of information you will be!

And speaking of Mode… Here’s the Mode version of this post 🙂

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