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Stirring Up a “Holy” Mess of Trouble… But Me and God are Still Cool, Tho

I recently wrote this on Medium about a stir I caused by wearing a t-shirt… just thought I’d share it here as well.

I got this cool new t-shirt. I saw it on Instagram and I had to have it.

and Coffee Obsessed.

Yes! That is ME! All day. Everyday. Sometimes two out of three… Blessed being the never-changing constant.

My first time wearing it, I posted it on my social media profiles. The minute I posted it, I knew there would be a problem. The “I’m too blessed to be stressed” police would surely come after me… and they did. Declaring “If you’re blessed, then you should never be stressed.” Demanding to know (with, I imagine, clutched pearls in one hand and bible in the other) “Who made this shirt?”

Um…Excuse me? Judge much? Call me crazy, but that doesn’t seem very “Christian-like” to me!

I get the whole “I’m too blessed to be stressed” thing. It’s the religious“hakuna matata.” It’s a cute, rhyme-y way to say you have faith and that you don’t sweat the small stuff. I feel you. I’m with you! HOWWWWWEVER… it doesn’t mean that shit NEVER gets to you! Sometimes you have to have a moment. You know… those moments when you pray for guidance, assistance, acceptance… and not to choke somebody out.

Stress comes in all forms and is experienced in some way every single day. Sometimes it’s big stress… sometimes it’s little stress. None of us are immune to it, regardless of how blessed we are. Case in point… I am a single, working mom of two kids in elementary/middle school… one of which is about to enter puberty in any second. See… blessed AND stressed.

Maybe the issue is that the shirt implies that “STRESSED” is all the time. Maybe it would be better received if the shirt said “Stressed BUT Blessed.”Maybe people just need to lighten up.

The funniest part about this whole thing is that I got the shirt from a faith-based company. Be Still Clothing Co. sells all kinds of inspirational and(occasionally) humorous merchandise. They even send you bible verses with your order. (I can almost hear the gasps and pearl/bible clutching happening right now.)

What I know for sure is God knows me, my heart, and my stress and we are still good. I know this because I have yet to miss, to not acknowledge, or to not be eternally grateful for His continued blessings!

So… Let a blessed he/she without a single ounce of stress cast the first stone!

I double-dog dare you!

I’m waiting… (foot tap… tap… tap…)

Yeah… That’s what I thought!

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