Podcast Host and Professional Sidekick

Caffeinated Quickes on Anchor.fm“Caffeinated Quickies”

Caffeinated Quickies are creative, clever, candid, and heavily caffeinated contemplations easily consumed with your cup of coffee! If you enjoy my essays and you like the sound of my radio voice, then this little mini-Podcast is perfect for you! I hope you’ll listen in and let me know what you think!

How to Listen:

You can listen on the web by clicking the photo over there —> or listen on the go via the Anchor.fm mobile app on your Apple or Andriod devices.  I think you can also use Alexa or Google Home as well. (hashtag: bonus!)


“Reelistic Chatter”

(Coming Soon)
Finally giving my obsession with film and television some overdue attention in a new podcast. You would think as a 10+ year veteran of blogging, I would have written about it more. Save for a few dozen movie reviews and opinionated essays, I don’t really like to write about it… but I LOVE to TALK about it! (and on goes the light bulb). Stay Tuned!


Sidekick: “The Pain To Power Podcast”

My good friend and fellow Marvel-nerd / film fan, Eric Payne invited me to join him on his show to discuss the movie, Black Panther. In this spirited conversation, we debate over whether the character Erik Kilmonger is actually a “villain” and a whole lot more…


the B sideSidekick: “The B Side”

Riding shotgun with my college bestie, DJ Mark Harris, in his podcast/webcast discussing unique perspectives on everyday things. Like the B-side of a record, you can find hidden gems when you flip things over and look at the other side.