Caffeinated Quickies on

I’m back on the air with my new mini-Podcast, Caffeinated Quickies on Anchor!

Caffeinated Quickies is not a reboot of the original ChatterBox Show, but it is still the creative, clever, and candid conversations like before… just in a more bite-sized format.  A little current events. A little entertainment and pop culture. A little inspiration. A little motivation. And of course, the occasional shenanigans that usually ensue when I invite a guest to join me.

How to Listen:
All you need is the link to my show to listen to it, however, you’ll only see the current episode for 24 hours on the web. Accessing it on the mobile app is best because you’ll be able to see all episodes anytime you want (plus you can listen on the go).

You don’t need to have an Anchor account but, having one and favoriting my station will ensure you are notified when I broadcast. As always, keep an eye out on social media for alerts and I will keep a running list of episode links on my Podcast Page.

While the show is not live, you will have the opportunity interact and even be a part of the conversation! From the mobile app, you can leave text comments or “call in” to leave a voice comment that I can add to the episode! You can even hit the applause button to clap for things that resonate with you.

I hope you’ll listen in and let me know what you think!
If you have any show topic ideas or if you’d like to be a guest, please let me know!


#AskingForAFriend are my random, quick thoughts and questions to the audience that only live on Anchor for 24 hours! Get them before their gone! (but if the interaction is good, I may turn them into full episodes) Just go to the show link and see what’s live!

Full Episode List

E:01 – I’m BAAAAACK! Meet ChatterBox Christie 

Don’t call it a comeback… well you could, I guess. I’m reintroducing myself to the podcast world and telling you all about Caffeinated Quickies.

E:02 – Are Your Goals Crushing Your Dreams?

How you are approaching and working on your goals could be making them harder to achieve.

E:03 – The Meghan #Markle Sparkle

I’m dazzled by Prince Harry’s soon to be bride and so is the rest of the world. The media talks a lot about her but they fail to mention one pretty major detail… did you notice?

E:04 – A Disturbance in The Force

Mercury is back in retrograde and causing all kinds of disturbances in “the force!” I’m chatting about how it affects you based on your Zodiac sign and my girl Lucrecer Braxton joins in!

E:05 – Hell Hath No Fury Like Oprah Saying “Times Up” on The Golden Globes

Did you catch Oprah’s speech on The Golden Globes? If not, look it up. It was nothing short of amazing. If you thought the Me Too movement ruffled some feathers… y’all ain’t even ready for Times Up!