Creating /Collaborating on Compelling Content,
Championing Creative Self-Care + Cultivating Creative Community

Hi, I'm ChatterBox Christie...

{christie glascoe}

I’m an Atlanta-based creative, clever, candid, curious, and heavily caffeinated creative content collaborator, wanderer, film/tv junkie, voice talent, and professional life-lesson-learner trying to make adulting fun while putting my gift of gab to good use.

With nearly two decades of experience in wrestling words into willful submission, I use my passion for storytelling to help businesses/entrepreneurs creatively develop their brands and champion creatives to pursue what sets their soul on fire.

What Does ChatterBox Christie Creative Do?

Creative Collaboration

Creating Compelling Content

Refining the arrangement of words and polishing the language to make written content look and sound amazing. 

Collaborating with creative teams to develop concepts, ideas, direction, story arcs, etc. 

Lending my voice to live and pre-recorded events, podcasts, narrations, tutorials, presentations advertisements, and more.

Creative Self-Care

Creative Coaching + Workshops

Working with you through the blocks to your progress as a creative champion and accountability partner 

Developing a plan to help you stay motivated, inspired, and focused to give life to your life’s work.

Creative Challenges with exercises and events to spark ideas and imagination

Creative Community

Connecting Creative Souls

{coming soon}

Events and opportunities to join together like-minded humans who desire to live responsibly, mindfully, and creatively while actively pursuing and engaging in what sets their souls on fire. 

(plus more “Creative Adulting” and “Reelistic Chatter” on the way)