Welcome, Friends!

February 1, 2018

Another Round of Revisions…

I’m making some much-needed, long-overdue changes to everything that is ChatterBox Christie. I’m pressing the RESET button… reflecting on and remembering who I am and what I want. Focusing my energy to RECHARGE my passion for my work. Giving myself the permission and the courage to RECLAIM my time and space. But don’t worry, I’m still around… on the grind, writing, and accessible while the work is being done.

Looking for my blog?

This is your last chance to see it in its current state. From the Nav bar, hover over “Home” and you’ll see a drop-down for “All Posts.” For now, anything new I write will be on Medium.

A Little Bit About Me…

In case it’s your first time here… Hi, I’m Christie! I’m an Atlanta-based published author, essayist, creative strategist, podcaster, traveler, foodie, life lesson learner, and mom (but not always in that order.) I have, on occasion, embodied a WonderWoman-Ninja-Jedi persona as well.  But I only use my powers for good. I’m creative, clever, candid, and usually heavily caffeinated… on a mission to inspire as I entertain.

Work With Me…

I have a decade of experience in performing marketing miracles and wrestling words into willful submission for businesses and aspiring authors  Click HERE to go to my current portfolio site for more information.