The Story Behind My Single Serving Life

“Eat Pray Love” gave me the inspiration…


Since taking my Digital Sabbatical at the end of 2011 and returning from it realizing that the blogger / mother / woman I was is not the writer / mother / woman I am meant to be.  I unplugged from the world and went inward to search my soul for what I really wanted.  I think I stayed inside a little too long.  Like four years too long.  In those four years, I filled journals with musings on what I wanted…what I needed out of this life.  I recently re-read every single entry and discovered there was a recurring theme… Eat. Pray. Love.
I remember the first time I read the book Eat Pray Love.  My mother had a copy and she said “you need to read this… it sounds like you.” Of course, I thought she just meant that whatever Elizabeth Gilbert wrote sounds like something that will resonate with me.  “Here,” she said pointing to a random passage, “read this…” 

The words I read sounded like they came out of my own head. Wholly shit! I’m reading and totally having a “Never-ending Story” moment… I am Bastian, Elizabeth Gilbert is Atreyu… or vice versa.  She writes exactly like me! She talks to herself and inanimate objects like me.  She’s relentlessly sarcastic and can beat a metaphor senseless like me.  And within her own, she was telling my story. Telling my whole life with her words… killing me softly.  I HAD to read this whole book.
Liz (yes, I’ve decided I can call her Liz) and I had 85% parallel lives up until she left the whole of hers behind and hopped a plane to begin her year-long journey into self-discovery in Italy, India, and Indonesia. Yeah…um… I can’t do that.  But I want to.  Maybe not exactly like how she did, but close. Seriously,  how can I, though?
Enter, My Single-Serving Life.

“Fight Club” gave it a name…

The term “Single-Serving Life” comes from the movie “Fight Club.”

Edward Norton’s character talks about how when you travel constantly, everything is “single-serving.”  Single-serving sugar, single-serving, creamer, single-serving pat of butter, yadda yadda yadda.  I loved this notion, not just because of the reference to travel, but because if something is single-serving, it only serves one.
It only serves you… or in this case, me. I have come to the realization that I have given hearty helpings of myself to others and not saving a single serving for me.  The times I do save one for myself, I am riddled with guilt over not allocating that serving to something or someone else.

How am I not important enough in my own life not to serve myself?
How can I be good to others if my mind, body, and spirit is under-served? 

… and so, The Journey begins…

You want to get to the castle… you gotta swim the moat…

I’ve spent the last four years writing in my journals about my single serving life. Keeping it in my journals is like bathing in it constantly. Soaking myself… submerging myself in the same water yet still wanting to be clean. Stewing in my own juices. Dreaming without doing. Traveling without moving. Existing, but not living.
Now, it’s time to get out of my head, off my ass and LIVE, dammit!  And it’s time to write about it… out loud…and right NOW.

“You want to get to the castle… you gotta swim the moat,”

says Liz’s friend Richard-from-Texas in Eat Pray Love.  So this is me swimming the moat.  Walking like a Wallenda on a tight rope without at net. Why, you may ask.  The only answer is… because I have to.

At the BlogHer16 conference, I was on a panel with three women who have written multiple memoirs.  They described a memoir as proof that you went through something and survived to tell the tale. A memoir is also way to let go. A memoir is unapologetically writing your truth.

My truth is this…  I am a minivan-driving, multitasking mom-of-two on a budget tighter than size small Spanx who wants to… needs to have “eat pray love” experiences. Travel, food, love, life… and writing about it… one adventure after another.  

I’m glad you’ve decided to tag along.

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