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Lucrecer Braxton and I #DoEpicShit on Hello Friend!

ChatterBox Christie on Hello Friend

I am honored to be this week’s guest on my good friend, Lucrecer Braxton’s podcast Hello Friend!  If you’ve never listened to Lucrecer’s show (or seen her periscopes) you are missing out on a whole new level of awesomeness!  I’m glad she allowed me to bask in it with her for a bit!  Have a listen and enjoy…


  1. Every …and I do mean EVERY time I reconnect with you—either through something you write or something you say—I remember why I will always come back to your words/work. You have always been about authentic self-expression, and I’m loving the evolution of that work in you. Lucrecer asked brilliant questions too! Oftentimes, the interviewer gets in the way of the flow, but in this case, it felt like I was just listening to a deep and dope conversation among women with a great connection and infectious laughs! Loved it! Thank you so much for sharing yourself and your truths, Christie! Wit’ yo Lightworker self!

    • ChatterBox Christie

      February 2, 2016 at 11:37 am

      I feel the same way about you, Akilah! Thank you SO much for being my “sister” and always supporting and encouraging me! I miss you so much!

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