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Is My Single Serving Life Over?

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions…


Well… good intentions is what I had when I launched My Single Serving Life.
I was on a mission.
I had a plan.
Life, however, had other things in mind, it would seem…
“I get that you want to be all single-serving and alive n shit, but I’m gonna need you to have a seat for a minute. You need to get some things straight first.”

So… confession time… and I realize this is extremely overdue…
(big heavy sigh)

As you know from the story, the idea of My Single Serving Life is not new but launching the full concept and website was a direct result of my trip to Costa Rica last year. Well, that’s only part of it. A large part of the motivation was that I had a freelance writing gig with an online magazine that paid for that trip and that I was expecting to fund all of the travel, food, love, life, and writing adventures that would follow. It was perfect! I had a way to start my “Eat Pray Love” adventures and not touch my “responsibility” money. Hashtag winning!

Wait for it…

One week after returning from Costa Rica, the magazine folded and vanished from the face of the internet with no warning to its salaried staff or freelance talent. Along with it went all of our content (nearly 100 of my most awesome pop culture clips) and whatever outstanding pay they owed.

But wait… there’s more…

Six months later, I was laid off from the creative agency that had employed me for the past three years.

Losing 60% of your income in seven months can really shit on one’s attempt to live a single-serving life. It also can shit on your desires to write about it.

Here’s the interesting thing… When I was preparing to launch, I prayed for God to remove all the things that were not positively serving my soul so I would be free live this life and write my truth…
He removed the magazine.
He removed the agency.
(As it turns out, He was right about those. They served my financial needs, they did not serve my soul.)
He also removed My Single Serving Life.

So… I have another confession…
(big heavy sigh)

I created a dedicated site for My Single Serving Life because I thought I was going to retire ChatterBox Christie. I thought clinging to that persona (that isn’t what she used to be) was holding me back from… well… everything. But, clearly, that wasn’t the issue.

I said a long-ass time ago, I was going to stop “blogging” and start “writing” and what did I do? I started another f-ing blog! I tried to tell myself (and you) that My Single Serving Life isn’t a blog… it’s a “live memoir!” But let’s face it… It’s a blog!

In lies my struggle. Not the loss of income. Not trying to escape the shadow of the influencer formally known as ChatterBox Christie. Honestly, I feel strongly that I’d still be writing this to you even if the magazine gig and agency job were still intact.


Because in addition to it obviously being a blog, I was offhandedly (and slightly subconsciously) making My Single Serving Life a brand. I didn’t want a blog so what on earth would make me want a whole new brand (and everything that comes with maintaining it)? I was trying to make it into a “thing” when all it really is is a passion project.


… And the road to heaven is paved with good actions…


So… the question burning a hole in your head… Is My Single Serving Life over?

Absolutely NOT! I am still very much on this mission! Goonies never say die! I still have the many stories I haven’t shared with you yet and I am looking forward to the ones that will come with future adventures. The only thing that has changed is the method of delivery.

The truth is… My Single Serving Life didn’t need its own home. It just needed a room in the ChatterBox Christie house that was already built. No sense in tearing down a long-standing, strong foundation. I decided to renovate instead. I hope you like what I’ve done with the place.

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