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In Pursuit of What Sets My Soul on Fire

Just so you know… I’m gonna be all over the place…

Before you get all excited, this is not a blog.
I’m not blogging. I don’t use that word in any form anymore. Writing it just now… I crossed the electric fence around my creative spirit and got zapped really hard. I don’t like how it feels so I’m not going to do it anymore. Ever. So don’t refer to this space or me as any iteration of “the B word,” mkay? Mkay!

I am many things. I have many interests. Obsessions. Passions. Passing thoughts and curiosities. And the overwhelming urge to creatively express myself. While I have made a pseudo-career out of some form of creative expression, I recently came to the conclusion that I was doing all of this for YOU, not for me.

When I tried to change things to be more ME, I did it in ways that would make sense to you… be more acceptable for you… please you. I made up catchy names and hashtags. I explained my rationale ad nauseam. I bullied myself into limited topics and chopped them up into bite-sized pieces for easy consumption. I thought that’s what you liked. I thought that’s what you wanted. Moreover, I needed you to tell me it’s ok… that what I’m doing is good… that I am good.

It’s not about you anymore.
It’s about me.

I am finally giving myself permission to create freely!
Like, for real this time! I love you. I truly appreciate you and sincerely hope you’ll stick around. Your presence and feedback are always welcome. Your approval, however, is not necessary and as of this moment, I will no longer seek it. This should make you proud.

I am still figuring out what “this” is, but I can definitely tell you what it isn’t!
It’s not anything you can fit into a neatly labeled, niche-defined category. There is no format. Brand and content rules will be openly disobeyed. Genres will freely mix and mingle. It is not meant to be one thing… just like me. So, I’m warning you now… I’m going to be all over the place. And I’m really looking forward to it!

If you must have a concept to grasp…
Think of this space as my creative house. Just like any other house, there are many rooms. Each room has a function. As a dining room may one day be converted to an office, my rooms could change as my purpose and passions evolve. The media most likely will not be alerted.

If you require an answer to “What is Christie doing?”
I am in relentless and unapologetic pursuit of what sets my soul on fire. The revolution will only be partially “televised.” There is no end game. (unless you mean death) The muses hold the compass. The direction unfolds as I go… and only as long as I remain curious and courageous enough to stay on an unpredictable path. As the saying goes… all who wander are not lost.

If you need a word or phrase to define me…
Well, I can’t help you. Trying to come up with one “title” gives me anxiety and puts me a little too close to that electric fence again. So you know what? I’ll leave that up to you. I’m actually interested in seeing what you come up with.

I realize this “thing” I’ve got going may not be your brand of vodka. I am (and always have been) an acquired taste. For too long I’ve tried to make myself more palatable. Diluting my potency. I’ve done us both a disservice. From now on, it’s straight, no chaser. Trust me, it’s a lot more fun this way.

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  • Valerie

    Bravo, Christie! Taking time out for YOU! I’m a big proponent of that. Go on and get as creative as you want…your voice is always welcome!

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