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I’m a Little Bit of a Big Deal on Medium

Today, I am 30 days into my “100 Days of Creative Self-Care!

You may remember that part of my plan for this project was to write and submit my writing fearlessly. I’m happy to say that within this first trimester, I am already reaping the rewards. In addition to writing something every day (whether I publish it or not), I have been consistently writing on Medium and mustered up the courage to submit a few stories to popular publications.  I am now a “Top Writer” on Medium in the “This Happened to Me” category.  

Some Medium writers may say that this is not really a “big deal.” Well… It’s easy for those with 6-figure followings and 5-figure recommends to say this means nothing, but for me, this is huge! In one week I got more views/reads/recommends than in THREE YEARS of writing on the platform. So… um… Yeah! This means a lot!

I’m going to treat this like a big deal because it IS a big deal to me.


Because it means I’m writing.
It means your reading what I’m writing… and liking it.
Therefore lighting a much needed fire under my ass.
Pardon me for needing just a smidge of external validation to give me confidence.

Truth be told, Medium intimidates me. It always has. Everyone who writes there seems so much more accomplished and qualified in their craft than me. I felt I was struggling to fit in. And now, finally, after three years, I feel like I belong.

I’m also feeling slightly foolish.
Like Glenda-the-Good-Witch told Dorothy, everything I was looking for and what I needed was always here… it was in me the whole time.

I’ve always belonged on Medium. I just needed to show up.

Here are some of my favorite stories that helped me become a “Top Writer” on Medium. If you like them, you can let me know by pressing the heart icon in the left margin (desktop version) or at the end of the story. Feel free to share them as well.

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Boiling Point

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