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Hold My Handwriting

It’s interesting that I drug myself kicking and screaming to digital journalling… ended up falling in love with it… only to be reunited again with pen and paper. While on my digital sabbatical (i.e. going “off the grid” for an extended period of time), I wrote by hand the whole time. When I came back, I was completely torn between digital and “analog” writing.  

I both love and hate handwriting. I mostly love it. The only thing I hate about it is the lack of security. It wouldn’t be an issue for me if my privacy hadn’t so often been violated by those I thought I could trust. I don’t feel I can fully and freely express myself on paper because it’s not safe. I found sanctuary in my digital journal.

But there is a certain peace in writing by hand. No thoughts of running out of battery power. No distractions from other applications or notifications. Sitting in a park or coffee shop, marveling at my surroundings is more fun in a paper journal.

I never know where my daily travels will take me and with the way my mind works, I must always be prepared to write. Circumstances may not be ideal for digital journalling but you can always pull out a pen and notebook.

But it’s more than that…

I’m tired of moving through my life in fear. Silencing and censoring myself in my own space where I should be free and safe.

There is something comforting about writing in a paper journal. It’s art… a lost art. Like letter writing. To sit and write by hand is taking time to stop, get still, and reflect.

You can get lost in it.
You can be found in it.

{also found in Inspired 2 Write on Medium}

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