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Because “letting go” is for amateurs…

To let go is as easy as opening your hand.
When you open your hand… you are no longer holding on.
Even when you don’t want to… someone could come along and tap your knuckles.
Eventually the pain will make you release your kung fu grip.

To detach is different.  
The bond is strong… fused… so breaking it is much more difficult.
More painful.
Like a band-aid that takes a layer of your skin and plucks hair from each follicle upon removal.
Like the stubborn loose tooth that relentlessly clings to a thread of gum tissue forcing you to push, pull, twist for days.

You want the band-aid off.
You want the tooth out.
You’re life… your health depend on it.
And still… the thought of suffering with mass infection for the rest of your life is almost not worth the pain of detachment.

You know everything will be ok once you do.
Life will go on… life will be even better.
No more pain.
Wounds will heal.
But what you have to do to get to that point is unbearable.

But really… it’s not.
Just fucking rip the thing off already!
It’s all so simple…

We don’t want to feel pain even if we know there is pleasure behind it.
Even if we know it will only last for a minute… seconds, even.

Why is it we prefer long-term suffering and agony to a short-term “sting?”

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