Creative Collaboration

Creative support services for content creators, authors, screenwriters and more...

Developmental Review + Evaluation

Objective and critical review of your content. Provide feedback about the project’s appeal to the intended audience. Examine the “big picture” and overall structure to advise what works and what could be better. Provide a comprehensive report and suggestions for solutions and possible edits to consider.

Editing + ReWrites

Reviewing for typos, missing words, repeated words, spacing, and formatting consistency. Correcting grammatical and formatting errors, returning a clean, polished product for your use. Refining the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences and smooth-transitioning paragraphs.

Manuscripts (multiple genre)
Screenplays (feature, short. tv, stage)
Audio/Video Scripts  
Show Bibles / Treatments / Synopsis 
Creator Bios
… and more

Screenwriting | Showrunning

Contributing to and/or developing concepts, ideas, creative direction, stories, dialog, etc. to an existing film, television or video project to assist in its completion. Genres include drama, comedy, and corporate materials.

60 minute television series

30 minute television series

Web series | short content
Audio/Video Scripts   

Speaking + Voice Talent

Putting my gift of gab to good use by lending my personality and my voice to live events and pre-recorded content.

Event Hosting/Keynote Speaking

Audiobook Narration 
… and more