I have over a decade of experience in wrestling words into willful submission.

Content Collaboration

If you’re having trouble finding your way with words, I’ll be your guide! I’ve helped my clients with speeches, scripts, bios, manuscripts, web content, pitches/submission packages, and more. I take your ideas, drafts, notes, outlines, napkins, cave drawings, etc. and work with you to turn them into your desired content masterpieces!

Making nouns and verbs play nicely together is my passion and I pride myself on the ability to review, revise, and rewrite works in any style or genre, and for any industry or audience.

Creating native content (ghostwriting) or contributing to /developing concepts, ideas, creative direction, story arcs, etc. to client’s existing project to assist in its completion.

Creative Strategy + Coaching

I use my passion for storytelling to help businesses and entrepreneurs creatively develop their brands. I champion creatives to find and pursue what sets their soul on fire.

I’ll work with you to develop strategic creative content plans for engaging and entertaining campaigns, in-person experiences, and other outreach initiatives. I also assist with training you and/or your staff to appropriately and adequately manage these programs as well as your overall online and social media presence.

You’ve got a “story” in you… something you want to say… a book, a speech, a script, a blog, a podcast, etc… but you’re just having trouble getting started… or trouble finishing. Maybe it’s writer’s/creator’s block or maybe it’s something bigger… or smaller. As your creative champion and accountability partner, we will work through the blocks to your progress and create a plan to help you stay motivated, inspired, and focus to give life to your life’s work.

Host a creativity-boosting workshop for your team, club, or group! Details soon!

Other Creative Pursuits

I’m not called “ChatterBox Christie” for nothing! I love putting my gift of gab to good use verbally as well as with my pen.

In addition to being a published author and penning personal essays on my former blog, LinkedIn, or Medium, I’ve been a feature writer, curator, and editor for print and online lifestyle, entrepreneurial, and women-centered publications since 2009.  See some of my recent contributions in The Ascent and Pepper & Wits. 

Currently, I’m a story collaborator for a developing mini-series and a staff writer/supervising producer for a developing drama series. 

In my ten-year journey through the digital space, I’ve facilitated seminars/webinars, lead break-out sessions, and moderated panel discussions at dozens of social media and/or business conferences. I hosted a successful weekly live internet radio show as well as guest appearances on other podcasts. Finally, as a content creator and influencer, I’ve created voice-over and video content to promote events, product launches, and/or reviews.