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The ChatterBox is BACK with “Caffeinated Quickies” Mini-Podcast on

A few months ago, a company called Fieldboom hired me to be the host of their video series “The Customer Obsession Podcast.” While I absolutely hate being on camera, I am loving the opportunity to use my voice again. Hosting this series takes me back to the good old days of The ChatterBox Show and how much fun it used to be. I miss it.

At least once a year since the final episode aired, I toy with the idea of reviving The ChatterBox Show. And then I dump a cold bucket of reasons why I can’t do it over my head. But things are different now. The biggest different thing being ME! And what’s being dumped on me this time is a cold bucket of confidence mixed with some Do Epic Shit.

“Christie, are you saying what I think you’re saying?”
Well, if you think I’m saying The ChatterBox Show is coming back, you’re almost right!

I’ve started a new mini-podcast, called Caffeinated Quickies on!

Caffeinated Quickies is not a reboot of the original ChatterBox Show, but it is still the creative, clever, and candid conversations like before… just in a more bite-sized format.  A little current events. A little entertainment and pop culture. A little inspiration. A little motivation. And of course, the occasional shenanigans that usually ensue when I invite a guest to join me.

How to Listen:
All you need is the link to my show to listen to it, however, you’ll only see the current episode for 24 hours on the web. Accessing it on the mobile app is best because you’ll be able to see all episodes anytime you want (plus you can listen on the go).

You don’t need to have an Anchor account but, having one and favoriting my station will ensure you are notified when I broadcast. As always, keep an eye out on social media for alerts and I will keep a running list of episode links on my Podcast Page.

While the show is not live, you will have the opportunity interact and even be a part of the conversation! From the mobile app, you can leave text comments or “call in” to leave a voice comment that I can add to the episode! You can even hit the applause button to clap for things that resonate with you.

What’s Next?
This is new to me like it is new to you. I am looking at this as an experiment… as me putting back on the training wheels and getting back into the swing of things.  There is currently no set schedule but I plan to record a new episode at least once a week. But there may be some random clips here and there (you’ll see what I mean as you tune in). I also have the option of turning this into a full podcast that would be on iTunes, GooglePlay, etc… but baby steps, people… baby steps. I’m doing this stunt without a net!

I hope you’ll listen in and let me know what you think!
If you have any show topic ideas or if you’d like to be a guest, please let me know!

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