I’m a Little Bit of a Big Deal on Medium

Today, I am 30 days into my “100 Days of Creative Self-Care!

You may remember that part of my plan for this project was to write and submit my writing fearlessly. I’m happy to say that within this first trimester, I am already reaping the rewards. In addition to writing something every day (whether I publish it or not), I have been consistently writing on Medium and mustered up the courage to submit a few stories to popular publications.  I am now a “Top Writer” on Medium in the “This Happened to Me” category.   Continue reading “I’m a Little Bit of a Big Deal on Medium”

You Have the Audacity!


1. the willingness to take bold risks.

This week, I entered a writing contest.  Not just any writing contest… a travel writing contest.  Why is this earth-shattering news?  Because it’s something I’ve never done. More importantly, it’s something that I never thought I could do.  In the case of this particular contest, whether or not I should enter was also an issue.  Continue reading “You Have the Audacity!”

I #DoEpicShit on Medium

Did you know I write on Medium?

Well if you didn’t, now you do! It’s one of my favorite places to write AND read! If you’ve never experienced this platform, you are missing out on some amazing storytelling!

Medium recently rolled out a new feature on their mobile app called SERIES which has opened up a new and exciting way for me to share my writing. It’s like Instagram Stories and a Blog had a baby that doesn’t disappear in 24hrs and I’m able to add to the story… like chapters in a book or episodes in a “series” (get it)

I’m excited to share my first (of many) series with you, DO EPIC SHIT! You must have the Medium app to read it.  If you like it, CLAP (you’ll see what I mean) and share it with your friends!  If you really like it,  subscribe to the series so you will know when I add the next installments!

Christie’s DO EPIC SHIT on Medium

Here’s more of my work on Medium: ChatterBox Christie on Medium

How Do I Love Me?

At the Blogalicious conference this past November, one of their sponsors issued all attendees a challenge.  Love Always YJE is a fashion brand focused on sparking a movement that encourages people to spread and give love—beginning with self.  They asked us to write love letters.  To others.  To ourselves.  We were given a stamped envelope to write our address and at some point in the near future, the letter would be sent.

Dear Christie…

Write a love letter to myself?

To say this was tough would be a gross underestimation. You would think that it would be easy for me since I’m a writer.  I’ve even written romance novels! (yes, I realize they haven’t been published yet… baby steps, people… I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit) But really, it wasn’t easy at all.  In fact, it was awkward as hell.  For obvious reasons, yes, but really even if I were supposed to be writing a love letter to someone else, I probably wouldn’t.   I’d most likely make a mix-tape instead.  But alas, the glory days of Memorex are long gone.  So writing a letter of love it is.

How does one write a love letter to oneself?

My approach was to first think about the love I need… right now, in the moment of writing the letter.  I had to resist the urge to write what I wished someone else would say to me.  I am not them… I am me.  I am expressing MY love, not theirs.

What do I need to hear?
What do I need to feel?
What do I need ME to know?

I stood at the Love Always YJE booth and wrote to myself.  Sealed it in the envelope addressed to me and handed it over to be mailed and received, I suspect, when I needed it most.

The note arrived in late December, but I decided not to open it until February 14th, Valentine’s Day. I had it on good authority that it would be the day I would need it most.

Dear Christie... You are worthy of all the love and opportunity this world and this life have to offer. Accept it! Accept yourself! Believe!  Love, Me Dear Christie… You are worthy of all the love and opportunity this world and this life have to offer. Accept it! Accept yourself! Believe!  Love, Me

Could you write a love letter to yourself?

What would it say? Do you love yourself enough to do it? If you are brave enough to try it, I only ask that you give yourself the gift of truth and real, unapologetic, unwavering, unconditional love… as only you know how to give.  Think about how you give love to others and turn it back on yourself.

Be the love of your life… because you are.

Looking For Coffee, Fearing Walkers, and Finding District 12 in Atlanta

One of the cool things about living in Atlanta is knowing that many major motion pictures and television shows are filmed here. There’s always a chance that you’ll stumble upon places where your favorites are shot.  One day I went hunting for a new coffee spot and (hopefully) a new WriteSpace and ended up on an unforgettable adventure!

Continue reading “Looking For Coffee, Fearing Walkers, and Finding District 12 in Atlanta”