Hamming It Up at Cochon555 Atlanta

Scenes from Sunday’s awesome Cochon555 event at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead.

Cochon555 is “the epic culinary tasting and friendly competition for a cause featuring 5 top chefs (and their farm-raised pigs), 5 barkeeps, 5 sommeliers, and more!

Full disclosure, it was impossible to take good photos while trying to take in everything as there was SO much to take in so I apologize in advance. This is why I need my own personal cameraman!  Continue reading “Hamming It Up at Cochon555 Atlanta”

GPB Gives Us “A Seat at the Table” and It’s About Time!

Last week, I had the pleasure of going behind the scenes of the new Georgia Public Broadcasting talk show “A Seat at the Table.” This is a phenomenal show! I may be slightly biased because my dear friend and sister of the pen Denene Millner is one of the hosts, but it truly is what we have been missing in the media. Strong black female voices telling our stories AND your stories from our perspective. This is not “The View” or “The Real” or anything close. This is DIFFERENT! This is BETTER! Continue reading “GPB Gives Us “A Seat at the Table” and It’s About Time!”

The Bodyguard: A Movie-to-Musical Masterpiece

I must admit, my expectations for this production were extremely low. Plus most people know that I am a self-proclaimed “Broadway Snob.”

After the torturous debacle known as Ghost-The Musical, my faith in successful adaptations of movies-to-musicals was pretty much obliterated. I made a sweeping generalization that going forward, it’s just a bad idea… and people should just stop doing it.

Then here comes The Bodyguard Continue reading “The Bodyguard: A Movie-to-Musical Masterpiece”

365 Days to Self-Acceptance and a Beautiful You

One of my missions on this journey is to always start the day with a serving of something good for my soul. I used to do this regularly, but somehow slipped back into the bad habit of starting my day serving others first… checking their emails, doing their work, etc. etc. Now, I am making a conscious effort to start the day serving myself some inspiration. This awesome book, “Beautiful You” by Rosie Molinary, is one of my new daily resources. If you have ever struggled with seeing your true self and seeing that self as beautiful, this book is for you! 365 days of messages and journal prompts guiding you to radical self-acceptance. I am in love with this book!

A special “thank you” to my good friend Lucrecer Braxton for entering me in the “Talk 2 Jess” contest to win this book on my birthday last month! It is a blessing and a true gift that will keep on giving.