Carey Bradshaw #BlackHistory Series: Death Becomes Her

A fate worse than death…

Here is the latest installment in the Black History Series project I have the pleasure of creating words for. This one is my most favorite image in series (so far). It is so beautiful in its tragedy… knowing that this woman would rather drown than reach the shore and enter a life of bondage. Carey Bradshaw masterfully captured the agony and ecstasy of her death. Below are the words I added to it…


I surrender to you, deep blue.
Into your abyss, I come… willingly… desperately.
Take me in your arms.
Softly… lovingly whisper your promises to me again…
No more chains… no more pain.
Make my body heavy with your mercy.
Hold me under.
Take me home.
Let my lungs fill with sweet freedom.
Yes… yes… beautiful death.
Now, I can finally breathe.

It’s not just Black History… It’s American History!


  1. This is a fantastic picture! The poem fits it also, even though I had to get past the “death” part; I’m not going without a fight 🙂 The imagery is also scary; definitely makes one think about how things must have been back in those days.

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