Original Cattle Cries - Carey Bradshaw
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Carey Bradshaw #BlackHistory Series: “Cattle Cries”

Imagine your child being ripped from your arms and sold away…

That is the place I went to… the well I drew from to write the second installment of the collaborative Black History project with the amazingly talented, Carey Bradshaw.  Remember, it’s not just Black History… It’s American History!  Enjoy!


Hold on my love… I won’t let you go.
Though our hands are forced apart, I won’t ever let you go.
Look at me, my precious… try to be brave.
I know you see my tears… my agony as these shackles will not allow my outstretched arms to reach you. They do not bind my soul.
Hold on, my angel. I won’t let you go.
No matter where they take you or chain you, my love is always with you.
Remember me, my darling. Don’t let me go.
Master may rip me from your grasp but he can never take me from your heart.
How dare they separate us like livestock… ignoring our screams
Tell me Master, when did you last hear cattle cry for their young?

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