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“Black Nerd”… My Life as an Improv Play (if I was a guy)

I had my first taste of improv last night… well, it was a scripted performance with improv actors at Atlanta’s main improv spot, Dad’s Garage. And it was the best thing I have seen on stage in a long time… maybe ever! Probably because I could identify with the story so much. Black Nerd is pretty much the story of my teen/young adult life… except the main character is a guy. If you understand never being “black enough” for black people, being completely confusing to white people and all you want is to be accepted, loved, and fit in somewhere but there just isn’t a tribe for sci-fi-comic-quiddich-yacht rock-loving nerds… then you, too, can identify with “Marcus” and appreciate this ridiculously hilarious glimpse into his life. And even if you don’t, it is a comedic and socially-conscious masterpiece that will have your sides splitting from start to finish… regardless of your ethnicity and/or nerd-quotient. Spectacularly written and brilliantly performed. Dad’s Garage, if you’re reading this, “Black Nerd” needs to be a regular thing! Yearly rotation. I will be back every single time.

I not only watched this play as someone who loves to be entertained but as a creative (as I often do with all things stage and screen). I was in complete awe of all the craftsmanship that unfolded before me. The playwright, Jon Carr… nothing short of a beast! The amount of pop culture nerdiness mixed with quick wit and charm is astounding. Seriously… the way he put this piece together… his brain is a national treasure. I want to be his best friend. And maybe his apprentice.

While this wasn’t true “improv,” it did spark my curiosity about the craft… or should I say heightened my curiosity. I’ve always wanted to see a show and low-key wanted to take a class. I’ve been told that engaging in improv can really level up your writing game. Especially if one is interested in writing for stage and screen. (raises hand) The saga continues…

“Black Nerd” is playing at Dad’s Garage in Atlanta until August 4, 2018.

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