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Begin… Again

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Let’s try this again… once more with feeling… (deep breath)
Starting over… a new beginning… a clean slate… a fresh perspective.
I’ve gotten comfortably numb. I’ve let myself go.
Things are going too well for me not to be in better shape… mentally… physically… It’s time to get back on my A-game.
I’ve fallen into old habits that need to be broken. I will learn to find more productive and healthy ways to satiate my appetite for travel, food, love, and life.
I’ve talked about this adventure called “My Single Serving Life”… But I’ve yet to truly put it into practice.
Now, I have reached critical mass.
No more crutches.
No more life lines.
No more safety nets.
No more fantasies.
No more excuses.
My fears will be managed… It’s okay to be afraid…
To be immobile is unacceptable.

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