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Because it takes a village… and I am truly thankful for mine.

For most of us, the month of November calls to mind the things that we are thankful for.  Not that we aren’t thinking of them all year long, but having a holiday that is centered around giving thanks urges us to be a little more vocal about it.  Especially those of us entrenched in social media.

Special shout out to Knock Knock for these awesome
Special shout out to Knock Knock for these awesome “thank you” post cards!

I, like everyone else, wanted to share my thankful thoughts on turkey day, but I didn’t want to be so cliche about it.  You know with the photos of food spreads and group family shots.  Well, actually, I couldn’t have done that even if I wanted to.  This year was my first Thanksgiving where I didn’t have all of that… on purpose.  No big family gathering as my in-town relatives had other plans.  My children were away with their dad for the weekend.  It was just me. And it was all good.

Having that time to myself gave me time to reflect on a lot of things and time to craft a more creative, clever, candid, and slightly comical response to what I am thankful for. (you’ll know the comical when you read it… at least I hope you will)

The phrase “it takes a village” came to mind because I am aware that it is a number of people, places, and things that keep me going in this life… 


My inner circle of good friends that I have trusted with my heart.
My family… as they try to understand me and my chosen path… they love me anyway.
My social community of readers, followers, and supporters whose presence and engagement fuel my purpose.  


Because wine, upon occasion, has made me a better writer.
I must give a shout out to coffee as well.  After all, it makes me a better human on a daily basis.


The ones I write in… like paper therapists, they receive all of my thoughts and feelings with no judgment. 
The ones I read.. powerful muses and methods of escape.
The ones I’ve yet to publish… your patience is appreciated and I promise to set you free.


Not just those in music but also the beats within my body.
The rhythm of my soul.
The big bass thumps of my heart reminding me that I’m alive and that I matter.
I’m finally listening to it… feeling it… and beginning to dance.   

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