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Adventures in Nicaragua (a series)

My recent trip to Costa Rica included a detour to San Carlos, Nicaragua.  Detour? Yes, detour because it wasn’t on the original itinerary.

We were supposed to go on a night hike through the frog forest (or something like that).  Night. Hike. Costa Rican jungle.  Night.  Um… NO was the collective consensus of our travel squad.  So our fearless leader, Tawanna, explored other options and came back with a day trip to nearby Nicaragua.  “GREAT!” was the collective consensus of the travel squad. 

If any of you reading this right now were kids/teens/adults in the 80s, I know exactly what is going through your minds when you read the word Nicaragua.  And for a split second, I had the same thoughts.  In fact, many a friend and relative said in a high pitched voice “NICARAGUA? Why the hell are you going to Nicaragua? I don’t want to hear on the news you’ve been kidnapped by the cartel and sold into white slavery!”

Well… I’m writing this now so that clearly didn’t happen, but this leg of our trip was nothing short of one heart-pounding adventure.  And our fearless leader-slash-chief-instigator-of-shenanigans, Tawanna has started a series on the ordeal on her Moms Guide To Travel Blog.  Yes… a SERIES… because it is series worthy!  So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, depending on the time of day (or your preference) and get ready for a great story… that is still to be continued…

Adventures in Nicaragua: Part 1

Adventures in Nicaragua: Part 2

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