About This Blog…

While I am undoubtedly multi-passionate and write/talk about a plethora of subjects, I do my best to have some sense about them.  Therefore I am pleased to present my post categories and how they are defined.  Please note, they are subject to change as I am (and my work is) ever evolving…

My Single Serving Life

This is a passion project currently at the forefront of my life. These are the chronicles of my ongoing quest to have “eat pray love” experiences while being a minivan-driving, multitasking mom on a serious budget.  There’s more to this story and you can read it HERE.


I’ve got some epic shit to do… and I know you do too.  These are the life lessons, ah-ha moments, and the pep talks I give myself and share with you so we can demolish the comfort zone, carpe this f-ing diem, and own/flaunt our awesome!  I also write a lot about this on Medium.


I write, therefore I am. Here’s where I work on finding the mental and/or physical space to get… and stay inspired to write.

Reviews  & Recaps

Television, Movies, Live Shows, Events, Restaurants, Locations, Music, Books, etc… and my humble (and occasionally humorous) opinion about them.

Plugs N Pubs

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little shameless self-promotion. Here where I share news, new happenings, and when I #DoEpicShit.

Misc. Musings

Things that make you go hmmmmm…   But really… just musings from my mind and creative expressions that cannot properly be defined by any other category.