Revised: ChatterBox Christie


“You can’t go back to the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

~ C.S. Lewis

I’m making some much-needed, long-overdue changes to everything that is ChatterBox Christie. I’m pressing the RESET button… reflecting on and remembering who I am and what I want. Focusing my energy to RECHARGE my passion for my work. Giving myself the permission and the courage to RECLAIM my time and space.

But don’t worry, I’m still around and accessible while the work is being done.

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Though I’ve been on a brief hiatus, my more thought-provoking pieces can be found on Medium.

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When A Flash of Brilliance Comes, Let it Shine!

It’s amazing what you find when you are looking for something else!

I found these notebooks today. For each one, I gave its own title to match the contents. This one made me smile. “Flashes of Brilliance” is a phrase coined by my dear sister friend, Lorraine back in our hey-days as The BlogRollers. That’s what she called my creative ideas that would seem to hit me like a lightning bolt and I would have a visible physical reaction. She’d look at me and say “Uh oh… you just got a flash of brilliance, didn’t you!” Or when we would brainstorm, she’d say “We could use one of your flashes of brilliance right now!” 

I remember when I got this set of notebooks and decided to dedicate one to be ready to capture flashes when they happened. I remember the day I started writing in it… October 2010, seated next to Lorraine on our flight to Miami for the Blogalicious conference.

So many awesome concepts fill these pages. Some we actually did. Some we pitched but never knocked out of the park. Some never left these pages because they were just too ahead of their time.

I truly believe I was meant to find this book today. I needed to be reminded of the fiery creative spirit that still resides within me, to never stop dreaming, and to trust my crazy ideas. When the flash of brilliance comes, I need to let it shine!

Hamming It Up at Cochon555 Atlanta

Scenes from Sunday’s awesome Cochon555 event at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead.

Cochon555 is “the epic culinary tasting and friendly competition for a cause featuring 5 top chefs (and their farm-raised pigs), 5 barkeeps, 5 sommeliers, and more!

Full disclosure, it was impossible to take good photos while trying to take in everything as there was SO much to take in so I apologize in advance. This is why I need my own personal cameraman!  Continue reading “Hamming It Up at Cochon555 Atlanta”

Hitting A Wall On The Road To Self-Care

I’m 70-ish days into my 100 Days of Creative Self-Care and around the 60-day mark, I kind of hit a wall. That wall was the realization that creatively and professionally, I am going about things all wrong. I am that proverbial square peg trying to stuff herself into the round hole of everyone’s comfort zone… including my own. Apparently, I used to be round and fit just fine when I was doing what I thought I was “supposed to” do.

Once again, not serving myself first in my supposed “single-serving life.”

So I am here… sitting on a Starbucks patio and praying it doesn’t rain while I (re)discover and (re)define how I will use my creative powers for good!