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Writers: Confidential – My Newest Publication on

“Here is where I blogMedium is where I write.”

One subject I seem to write a lot about on Medium is  writing.  How much I love it… how much I struggle with it… the good, the bad, and the ugly of the one thing I cannot live without.  So, I’ve created a collection devoted solely to my confessions as a writer on the road from inspiration to publication.  Join me!  It will be fun!

Writers: Confidential

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Be a Contributor!  If you’d like to share your own confessions of the writer’s life as a contributor to this publication, email me! I’d love to make this a “thing” on Medium.

#BlogHer16 and the Evolution of an Influencer (a different kind of conference recap)

If I could sum up my BlogHer16 experience in one word, it would be SURREAL.

I came in with uneasiness and certainly of my presence and purpose but left with a renewed sense of confidence and clarity of what the next leg of my journey will entail.

I decided to do this recap a little differently this time. Instead of the usual scripted observations and lessons learned or summarized play-by-play of conference events (that you can read on the website), I decided to share my experience as it happened to me and exactly as I wrote it in my journal while I was there. A stream of consciousness… real and raw. It has only been edited for grammar. Yes, I give my journal entries titles and yes, this IS how I really write in my journal. I am a storyteller, after all.  Take a dive inside my mind…  Continue reading

Stirring Up a “Holy” Mess of Trouble… But Me and God are Still Cool, Tho

I recently wrote this on Medium about a stir I caused by wearing a t-shirt… just thought I’d share it here as well.

Continue reading

I’m Speaking at BlogHer16!

I am beyond THRILLED to announce that I will be speaking at this years,  BlogHer “Experts Among Us” Conference in Los Angeles!

To return to the conference that launched the BlogRollers and, by extension, my entire career as a blogger is so surreal.  To return as a speaker is… well… unreal!  I’m no stranger to speaking at blogger/social media conferences, but BlogHer has always been “the BIGGIE” for me.  Frankly, I never thought I’d ever speak there.  And definitely not now after such a long time “out of the game.”

Most of you may remember, I took some time off between 2012 and 2015 to assess what I really wanted (and needed) in this digital space. What I discovered was that “writing” is why I started blogging in the first place… and it’s what I wanted (and needed) to get back to.  Who knew that the folks at BlogHer would find this to be a suitable (and timely) Open Lab topic for their attendees.

BlogHer’s Open Labs are designed to give the attendees hands-on access to experts who’ll answer questions and help sharpen skills.  It’s different than a typical conference session.  No podium.  No panel. No formal presentation.  No lecture.  It’s more like a collaborative “workshop” with a discussion and an exchange of ideas.  Completely right up my alley!

I’m excited to lead my Open Lab “You’ve been blogging so long, you’ve forgotten how to write” at this conference! I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences as a writer and a blogger and managing the space between the two.  If you are attending the conference, I hope to see you there!

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