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Coming Soon… My Single Serving Life: A Live Memoir

The book “Eat Pray Love” gave me the inspiration… The movie “Fight Club” gave it a name… Speaking at BlogHer and my trip to Costa Rica gave me the courage to make this four-year long dream a reality.

It’s not a blog… it’s a live memoir. More than that, it’s an adventure… and I’m inviting you to ride shotgun.

Are you coming?

Great! Go to to be personally notified when it officially goes live!

Feeling the “Spirit” of Budget Airline Travel

Are you sitting down? Because I am about to tell you something that you’re not going to believe…

I had a great experience on Spirit Airlines! No seriously! I’m not kidding! It was very cool! And do you know why? I attribute it to keeping an open mind and the fact that I was not letting anything stop me from going to Costa Rica!  Continue reading

My “Single Serving Life” Begins Here…

Tomorrow, I embark on my very first real adventure. No work. No family. Just me (and a small travel squad) I’m going to Costa Rica and Nicaragua for 6 days. In addition to putting a much-needed stamp in my barren passport, this trip marks the beginning of a mental, spiritual, and physical journey that I’ve been planning in my head for nearly 4 years… To have my own version of “Eat Pray Love” while being a minivan-driving-single-mom-on-a-budget. Thanks to Tawana Smith of Moms Guide to Travel, I’m finally on my way to making what I thought would always be a dream written in my journal a reality. In approximately 24 hours, I will be blissfully submerged in la “Pura Vida!”

Writers: Confidential – My Newest Publication on

“Here is where I blogMedium is where I write.”

One subject I seem to write a lot about on Medium is  writing.  How much I love it… how much I struggle with it… the good, the bad, and the ugly of the one thing I cannot live without.  So, I’ve created a collection devoted solely to my confessions as a writer on the road from inspiration to publication.  Join me!  It will be fun!

Writers: Confidential

Follow the publication on and subscribe to the “letters.” (that means you’ll get an email when I publish something… which lately is about once a week or less) You can also subscribe to the RSS feed, if you like that better.

Be a Contributor!  If you’d like to share your own confessions of the writer’s life as a contributor to this publication, email me! I’d love to make this a “thing” on Medium.

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